Memory Latency vs. CPU FSB... what is the most efficient configuration

Hello friends,

I am building a new computer (this system is mainly for graphics intensive design such as Photoshop, Maya, Flash, 3D Max… occasionally some LOTR games, and video editing, and multi-task). I will also tried to salvage some of my parts from my current computer (Intel 840Extreme Edition, ABIT N18-SLI, 2x1GB PC2-4200, PNY 7600GT, Zalman CNPS9500 CPU cooler, 600W Cooler Master PS, 300GB IDE HD, … )

For my next computer I choose:
1) Intel Q6600 as CPU (sorry, can’t change the CPU)
2) Gigabyte GS-P35C-DS3R as Motherboard (potentially).
3) Memory 2GB …. but need some serious advise on the memory.
4) I will reuse my PNY 7600GT until I have more money and update this to 8800GT (but later)
5) 500GB SATA3
6) CNPS95000 CPU cooler
7) 600W Cooler Master PS
8) Windows XP pro (no Vista yet until MS cleans out all its bugs or next Service Pack)

As for memory, I currently using 2GB PQI DDR2-533MHz (3-3-3-8 for latency) for my Intel 840EE box. I was wondering if the PQI is better than OCZ DDR2-800MHz (5-5-5-15 for latency) because my friend told me that the Q6600 is actually operating at 533MHz (times 2) = 1066 MHz and this the MOST efficient use for both of my CPU and memory. The MB is supporting FSB 800, 1066, 1333 MHz.

I could buy and stick the 2GB of OCZ in the box but they will throttled down to 533MHz and I’m got screwed because of big latency (and wasted 267MHz and extra $$$ to buy new memory). Also I’m not intended to overclock my box and will not upgrade to 1333MHz CPU anytime in the future soon (not yet).

I’m just looking for the most “efficient” computer (where all MHz matches and synchronize) where I don’t have to worry about the “bottleneck” (one speed is faster than another or one has to slow down to match the other and this is actually hindering the system performance) or waste (such as expensive CPU and mediocre memory, vice versa, or another example is $200 sound card on a $15 speakers. I will work my Graphic Card soon-unless you all think it is fine).

Please Helps
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  1. IMO, you're wasting time worrying about things that don't affect you one bit. You're not an overclocker. You don't need to worry about this. The difference will be negligible.

    Us overclockers can be very nit-picking when it comes to memory. Timings/latencies can make or break an overclock. We want the best we can afford just so we can brag about how little time our o/c's take to finish 1mb super pi.

    BTW, your friend was right about FSB & DDR2 speed. At stock like 9 out of 10 oem pc's, the ram will run at half the rated FSB speed of the cpu. 1066 / 2 = ~533. You can buy 533mhz ram for that cpu, but it may be more expensive than 800mhz due to supply & demand.
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