2600XT GDDR4 256bit and 256 memory!!! WTF!!!


!@$#$!$#@%#! WTF! i never heard anything like this! AT ALL this is insane... and for how much you all ask? $90 WITH MIR!

wow, a GDDR4 2600XT for under a hundred dollars, not only that but it comes with a 256bit bus! and 256mb of memory!!!

Edit: Read the messages, say its 128 ok still confusing why newegg lists it as 256, but still $90 for a GDDR4 verison anit half bad
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  1. That's just the original GDDR4 HD2600XT as the GDDR3 ones came out after. You could have bought the MSI version for $115 with the Black box months agao, but $89 is still a good price. The 256-bit is a typo/missunderstanding as they posted the 256-bit internal ring bus not the 128-bit external memory interface.
  2. still 90 dollars for the GDDR4 is really cheap.
  3. wow i just got the 2600 pro AGP
    HiS card for $119 from newegg
    i really need some help plzzzz
    this is my thread post : http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/247272-33-molex-converter-plzzz
    im noob at Pc's help pl??
    ThX alot
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