System boot loop (no safe mode, bootable cd wont load either)

Having a huge issue and an awful time trying to find a solution. My PC has recently gone into an endless boot loop that I cannot seem to resolve. Basically after the BIOS splash screen and the Energy Star screen showing my system config, my system will endlessly reboot before getting to the loading Windows screen. I cannot get into safe mode with F8 and booting from my Windows CD just reboots back into the same cycle before getting anywhere as well.

I have tried setting my BIOS back to defaults, and Last Good Configuration with NO results whatsoever.

This all started after a power failure. Whole system is plugged into a surge protector. And I actually got it started back up ONCE after the initial failure. It cut itself off randomly after a few minutes of being loaded into Windows and I havent had any luck since. It will sit in BIOS all day if I left it, all the temperatures of my components are fine. Just can't figure it out and it's killing me! Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Also I have Legacy USB storage disabled and no external HDDs plugged in (I have read this can cause a problem with some Gigabyte mobos) so thats not the cause either!
  2. Also the Master HDD is set to IDE and not AHCI....I have spent SOOOO much time Googling with NO SUCCESS!!
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