ATI R680 Pic, the card is uber long!

I am not sure if this has already been posted here or not, but here goes.... A picture of the upcoming ATI graphics board, the code named R680!

how long do you fellows reckon that card is? And what is up with the handle grip at the end!?!?! Looks to me like one could use the grip to swing this card like a sword :D
Would that thing even fit in common cases lol, I can see some people maybe needing to cut off that black handle piece to squeeze it into smaller cases bahahahaha!

2 processors on 1 card is great n all..... and I am sure it will be a powerful performer...... but...... Where is the NV 9800GTX\GTS pics! :love:
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  1. What 9800? Thats months away!! Probably around march - april time forget about it.

    The dual g92 card has to come yet.
  2. 9800 Months away? Nah, it was reportedly coming out in mid February, though I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't come out until april especially if the G92 turns up to be far more powerful then the R680. =\
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