Urgent help please: Laptop display gone after new external monitor

I bought a Samsung 226BW montior and hooked it up to my A8Js. Everything was fine, the 226BW was just a clone of my laptop display. Then I did something that I can't remember, now my laptop display is just black, my 226BW display is fine.

The laptop is black in Windows, and on reboot, it looks like a bar code with white and color strips vertically across the screen. Once Windows loads, the laptop display goes black.

My resolution is set to 1680x1050 right now, and my laptop display should be 1440x900.

Can someone help me getting my laptop display back :(

Laptop: Asus A8Js
Video card: nVidia 7700GO
External Monitor: Samsung 226BW
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  1. go under nvidia control panel, set up displays (or something like that) select single monitor and chose laptop monitor instead of samsung monitor.
  2. Also try holding the function key down, its down by the ctrl key and then hit the external display key up at the top of the keyboard. It should have some sort of monitor symbol on it.
  3. Thank you for the replies.

    I tried to set my monitors in the control panel, it only changes display on the 226BW, no matter what I do, the laptop LCD is always black.

    I've tried Fn+F8 too, didn't work.
  4. Your resolution is too high for your panel to display if fn+f8 isn't helping. Hook up your monitor and set it to something lower or boot into vga mode (f8 before windows starts to boot) and fix it there.
  5. I thought of that too, and changed the resolution to 1280x1024 thinking that's lower than my laptop LCD highest resolution. Then as I'm typing this I realized it's not...

    I'll try that. Thank you.

    But that still doesn't explain why my BIOS and Windows boot screen don't display either???
  6. make sure the resolution is set correctly for the laptop... using the Windows Display properties, go to the "Settings" tab, make sure to enable both monitors, then set both resolutions to the LOWEST that they'll go (640x480 or 800x600 usually) after you set the display resolution and hit apply, your laptop screen SHOULD come up.. if not, hit Fn + F8 once, wait 5-10 seconds... try again... [as you know, it cycles through display settings: 1.) Laptop screen on, monitor off... 2.) Monitor on, laptop screen off... 3.) Both on.]

    Post results...

    Although, "black screen with white and colored stripes" during bootup sounds like a hardware issue... u didn't jam the monitor's connector into the laptop, did you? and have you tried booting it without the screen attached (try twice in a row)
  7. now that I'm thinking about it, your cathode bulbs could be burned out if it's blacking out in windows, although that doesn't explain the stripes before hand (which sounds like damaged connection/screen)... when you get into windows, grab a flashlight and angle the laptop screen away from you (sit it on your lap and push the screen back, past the point of normal readability) shine the light on the screen and move your mouse around... if you can see movement, or a startbar, or icons, you're gonna need a new screen... although if the method in my previous post doesn't work, you may need a new one anyway :-/
  8. thanks truromeo. I'll try that tonight and let you know.

    I didn't jam the connectors, I rebooted once with the cables unplugged, but not twice in a row, I'll try that too.

    The "black screen with white and colored stripes" is only during BIOS and Windows restart. Once the windows screen comes on to the 226BW, the laptop LCD goes black. Though I can still see the backlight bleeding on the LCD.
  9. Would setting the resolution to 1680x1050 on a 1440x900 LCD cause that much damage?

    I'm sure I didn't force jam any connectors.
  10. I tried uninstall and reinstall my video card driver, didn't work.

    This is how my settings look like:

    Can someone please help? Thank you.
  11. SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG! Tom's isn't notifying me of updates!!! :fou:

    lh0628 said:
    Would setting the resolution to 1680x1050 on a 1440x900 LCD cause that much damage?

    It could if the monitor was forced to display that resolution... usually not... why you'd force a res. higher than optimal, i'm not sure though :)

    since this is an LCD, if at all possible, can you snap a photo of the "black screen with white and colored stripes" with a digital camera or phone camera, then post it here so we can see exactly what it looks like... I think that would definitely help us grasp what we're dealing with...

    oh, one other thing you might want to try is booting with VGA mode... turn the laptop on, hit F8 continuously while booting (like for safe-mode) and it should ask you how you want to boot... there's an option with "VGA" in it... don't remember what it is exactly, and i'm at work so I can't test it, but try that as well...

    good luck, and again, sorry for the delay
  12. thank you for the response.

    I'll try the VGA option tonight, and I'll try to take a picture of the problem screen. But it's just white screen with vertically clustered colored stripes.
  13. Some laptops have a hotkey sequence to disable the internal screen and force everything to the external. You usually have to hold a key labeled FN (bottom left hand side usually blue) and press one of the Function keys that has a picture of a monitor (Usually around F5 or F6 and the picture is in blue too) Give it a try. Good Luck.
  14. I can disable the laptop LCD no problem, but that doesn't help me fixing the incorrect display on the laptop LCD.
  15. Same proble here, we need to protest againts Samsung software drivers or magictune.
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