ECS 915P-A and ASRock 775Dual-VSTA 4Gb RAM

Ok now my question is simple can i use two sticks of 400mhz DDR1 ram and two sticks of DDR@ ram @ 667mhz together i mean all 4 sticks (The two DDR1 and two DDR2 Ram sticks will these m/b see the 4GBs ram??? or will they see only 2gb of either DDR1 or DDR2???)

I know this is a old m/b if u have an alternative m/b which supports PCIE and AGP and DDR and DDR2 and SATA and PATA * 2.. I really need a hybrid m/b at the Cheapest....!!
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  1. Hi,

    the asrock mb cannot use ddr and ddr2 at the same time.

    It is written in the manual.

    Asrock says you could damage the mb trying to boot ddr and ddr2 at same time.

    This is the case for most hybrid mb, like my msi with sdr and ddr.

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