Can anyone help? Broken HDD, NOT Data Recovery!

I think I might have destroyed a brand new HDD (Seagate Barracuda 320GB, 72000).

It was working before I ran "Low Level Format" (which I'm assuming is zero fill) through my RAID Confiruation Utility, for my Silicon Image Sil 3112A controller. Basically the drive now cannot be read in Windows XP when I connect it VIA SATA2USB.. it shows up as a removable device, but does not show up as a drive to read or write to.

I never completely ran the low level format either as I think it'll take over 24+ hours to run a complete zero fill on a 320GB.

So this is what I'm doing now, I'm running the Low Level format again but this time I'm going to run it for over a day or two, hopefully it'll finish (there's no progress bar). At that point, do you think the drive will be usable again?

Any knowledge on low level formatting would be very useful.. I'm trying to get this drive usable again to do a clean XP install.
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  1. A low level format removes everything from the drive including partition info and mbr. When you are done with low level use disk management to partition and format the drive.
  2. First of all,you and I cannot "low level' today's hdd's that is /can only be done by/at the factory,2nd you should always use the manuf's hdd utilities provided from their site,or a known and safe [specific] utility for just such a protocol,there are certain ISO standards which must be adhered to otherwise,,,,.:)
  3. Thanks, I've managed to get it to boot now to Seagate's SeaTool.. redoing the zero fill with it.. hopefully from there I'll get the motherboard to detect the drive.. from there I'll use a boot disk to write the master boot record.. fdisk /mdr
  4. Alright, Thanks so much for your help... It's working now, besides dealing with BIOS setting for my motherboard and overcoming hte dreaded Verifying DMI Pool freeze.. I've managed to fix the drive, load xp and boot off it..

    The steps included are:

    1) Booting to SeaTools MS Dos program -> Long Format including Zero Fill
    2) Booting to MS DOS with Win 98 Boot Disk -> running fdisk /mbr
    3) Mounting harddrive via SATA 2 USB to my other machine. Formatting to NTFS and creating a new partition
    4) Reloading my RAID controller drivers during MS DOS Windows Install which leads to Windows XP Pro install

    Thanks :)
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