URGENT!!! I need your HELP!!! Please!!!

Problem: Sometimes in games screen freezes and green dots apear everywhere. This started about 6 months ago when i bought the rig, but back then it was doing it in my only one game which was the only one graphic demanding game at the time Flat Out 2 now it seems to do it in Team Fortress 2 aswell.

Rig: HD2900XT ; Q6600 @2.4 ; 2x1GB DDR2-800 Corsair ; Thermaltake 700W PSU

Could it posiblely just be the cared overheating ???
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  1. Yes i think it might be the card call up tech support and see if you can RMA.

    Green dots shouldnt be appearing at all thats very interesting?

    but before you do my suggestion above...

    1) download 7.12 drivers
    2) Update motherboard Bios
    3) make sure the AMPs are enough and that your card is properly seated in the PCI-E slot along with the power cables.
    4) do a whole system scan with System mechanic ( www.iolo.com )
    5) try another PCI-E card see if you still get those green dots in TFT2
    just a couple suggestions!
  2. Hi sorry im not the greatest at these things but I have 7.12 and whats a RMA and AMPs???
  3. You need enough amps on the 12 volt rails of your power supply to power the card. An X2900XT needs something like 29 amps or so. Cheaper power supplies might say 500 watts, for example, but not have enough amps to power higher end cards. You should be able to find the amps listed on the sticker on your power supply.

    RMA means returned merchandise agreement. You need to e-mail or call the card's tech support number to get an RMA # that you'll write on the outside of the card's package you mail back. They won't accept a card for warranty without an RMA # on the outside.
  4. It has a combine loading of 56AMPs
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