Guide to overclocking EVGA 780i motherboard

Alright... I feel like we need one of these with the growing popularity I've seen of the 780i chipset.

This is an easy guide to overclocking the EVGA 780i motherboard with E8400 specifically. However other procs like the E8500, Q9300, Q9450 and QX should be similar. Older procs like E6850 I have no experience with... But I'm sure some principles still apply.

The only BIOS screen that should matter to the average overclocker should be the ADVANCED CHIPSET FEATURES, all other screens your on your own.

-CPU MULTI: (for the E8400 I used 9x, I am firm believer that you should always use highest multi your CPU will allow... excluding the X edition procs)
-PCIe x16_3: 100mhz
-HT MULTI set to: 5x on both
-SPREAD SPECTRUM: All disabled

-SLI: EXPERT if you are using SLI ready or EPP memory
-FSB-MEM clock: UNLINKED, depends on what you are going for really. For E8400 @ 3.6ghz linked and sync gives you 800mhz. If you have 1066mhz memory though you should set that manually and let board decide ratio
-FSB mhz: 1800mhz for my E8400 gave me 4.05ghz. 1600mhz yields 3.6ghz. 2000mhz is 4.5ghz.
-MEM: I have OCZ Reaper 800mhz memory so I set it to 800mhz. If I had 1066mhz memory I would set to 1066mhz regardless of FSB setting.
-MEM timings: Use stock timings for now. For me it was 4-4-4-15 and I forced 1T command rate. I recommend if you are running two sticks of memory you try for 1T command rate also.
-ADVANCED MEM TIMINGS: Keep all to auto for now except tRC to 11. I have had good luck with 11 and know many who also have. Adjust others for performance later once you have solid overclock. If you cant force rRC to 11 than auto for now.

-INTEL SPEED STEP: AUTO (This will save a few $$ a month on energy and it DOES NOT effect overclock and performance)

-CPU CORE: This will take some working on your own. Start in the green area for 3.6ghz and work way down. For 4.0ghz and above I would say start at 1.225v for later batches of E8000 series procs. For older batches like my Q746 start with 1.3 for 4.05ghz. I am sitting at 1.39 in bios and 1.344 in CPUID.
-CPU FSB: 1.3 (I dont recommend going any higher)
-MEM: This is where I always say give as much as you can that the warranty will cover. OCZ has Extended Voltage protection or EVP that allow overclockers to give em a ton of voltage. I set mine to the max that they warranty will cover which is 2.2v
-SPP: 1.4 You may go higher but I dont recommend it for modest overclockers
-MCP: 1.6 You are pretty safe here, if you run into stability issues I dont see higher voltage here helping.
-HT: You might have luck by leaving it in auto... otherwise 1.3 should get you there.
GTLVREF lanes 0-3: Auto for now. I have found no benefit with these settings. Maybe someone can elaborate on their experiences here.


So there you have it! This is my experience with the EVGA 780i board with E8400 proc. Batch number Q746A487. I need 1.39v for 1800mhz FSB.

Here are a few screen shots:
" class="img lazy">I had bad luck with voltages at 500mhz but was able to pass 3dmark06
" class="img lazy">

Keep this thread going with questions and comments. I hope it's sticky worthy! I have found a lot of help over at xtremesystems but want to bring the fun here....

If you have a 780i regardless of brand and proc share experiences and overclocks.
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  1. I was unable to achieve a 4100mhz overclock with 1.4v, I didnt want to go over 1.4v so I'm stuck with 1800mhz or 4.05ghz. Here is my results thus far:

    I am going on 4 hours stable... very happy at this point. I will try Orthos soon after this.
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  2. Also... for those that are interested; here are some pics of the EVGA 780i platform! My ultimate "gaming center"!
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    " class="img lazy">
    " class="img lazy">
  3. Also... wanted to include for those who dont know, and that dont know where to find it... some overclocking tools and websites to find them.

    Prime95: Use this for stability checking. Short term stability is 1 hour (probably wont see any system crashes during game play) and long term is 24 hours (no need to go past this... this means you are rock solid)

    GO-Orthos BETA by Johnny Lee: This is the same thing as Prime. Same minds behind it. Some xtreme guy's like it better for whatever reason!

    CPUID: The obvious!

    CPUID hardware monitor: Better than speedfan monitoring IMO!
  4. Orthos is also stable. Checked for over two hours but screen shot is 50mins.

    I'm interested to see what this board can do with the E7200 if anyone has any experience and wants to share?!
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  5. I used all your settings with an E8500 and they work perfectly.

    Do you know how I can set my multiplier to 9.5x?

    I understand the e8500 supports 9.5x but I don't seem to have an option to enter a decimal number in that field.
  6. Ok I got it. I just needed to enable the /2 option below the multiplier. Then it shows up when you reboot.
  7. Well done.
  8. Thanks.... sorry I didn't reply soon enough to help.
  9. Quick thing: Clean up the random tags in the guide.
  10. Hi all - new to these boards but just upgraded to Q9550 and 780i. Looking around for OC hints/tweaks. Any changes you'd suggest for my CPU to the guide in the first post?
  11. hughyhunter said:
    I was unable to achieve a 4100mhz overclock with 1.4v, I didnt want to go over 1.4v so I'm stuck with 1800mhz or 4.05ghz. Here is my results thus far:

    I am going on 4 hours stable... very happy at this point. I will try Orthos soon after this.
    " class="img lazy">

    so lets say i am using the 780i board but i have a Q9400, could u maybe recommend some settings for this processor?
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