1950 pro Rusty Gold weapons

I notice that in Call of Duty 4, the Golden weapons look very rusty and not shiny at all compared to my newer computer with a 8800 gtx.

My older computer is a P4 3.0 2gig ram 1950 pro 512mb Anyone know how to fix this?
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  1. Oil and clean your guns after use!
  2. Here's a Video incase you don't understand, see how now and shiny his golden weapon is


    Edit: Here's a picture from my computer of what the gun looks like crap.. It has the color gold, but no gold shine or anything

    And this is from my 8800 gtx, tho i'm sure that video looks even better then my 8800gtx one...
  3. turn up settings maybe ??? I dont really know
  4. Looks like some kind of lighting effect that's either a setting you're running lower or a feature not available with the older card. Not sure if it's really "fixable". Could be wrong though.
  5. Do you know what Kinda setting this could be? Somewhere in the ATI Options?
  6. Look at the in-game options and then graphics settings. My bet would be "Number of Dynamic Lights" or maybe "Glow". See if those are on, the former being "Normal" and the latter "Yes".
  7. Well those settings were on, but I clicked all the other setting on and stuff and now it does shine, thanks for helping. :)
  8. Happy I could help. :)
  9. The setting responsible for the shinyness is specular map. Look at the barrel in the screen shot you can alos notice he difference there. Post back if it causes any problems though because Ive been having slowdowns on random servers that usually go away if I turn it off.
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