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I would like to thank anyone who answers for their help.

I'm looking to buy a new hard drive I'd prefer it to be 500gb-1tb. I'm a very heavy gamer, little video encoding (not really important),storing alot of media. I'm looking for the leading performing 7200rpm hard drive. I'm not interested in spending for a raptor drive as i find the performance increase iS not worth the money. Basically if any of you know of a better HD than the one I've found please let me know. So far i was looking at this one from western digital.
I also plan to get two more of them for raid striping and redundency.
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  1. thanks for your info, i didn't know only specific drives can do raid.
  2. There are some really nice 3,5" charts on the front of the toms hardware page really. Go there and look at the best drive that you can actually buy where you are.

    I'd go for the drive you've found, or a spinpoint f1
    The difference between RE and normal isn't the raid part, but the fact that they expect raid drives to work 24/7 whilst normal drives are shut down 2/3 of their life. If you shut down your system when you go to bed, I don't think it matters which one you get.
  3. to further explain neiro's comment, Raid drives are expected to "work" for 24/7, not only be online. In terms of big speedy drives that have a great price:
    640g WD caviar (98$CAD)

    1000gig deskstar 7K1000 (99$CAD)
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