X1950 Pro upgrade: CrossFire, HD 3850 or 8800 GT?

I've taken an average computer (dual-core @ 2,3 GHz) and I have tried what's the smartest upgrade from Radeon X1950 Pro: - second Radeon X1950 Pro in CrossFire, relativelly cheap Radeon HD 3850 256 MB or mentioned GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB? Is the fast, but more expensive GeForce 8800 GT limited with such CPU even in modern games


"Radeon X1950 Pro is thanks to it's great price/performance ratio in the PC's of many users. But because of new games like many of you is thinking about upgrade. We have tested what is your best choice: buy second X1950 Pro for CrossFire, or change X1950 Pro for Radeon HD 3850 or straight go for more expensive GeForce 8800 GT? All answers in 17 game tests."
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  1. Is your psu up to Xfire? What resolution are your using? A GT will stomp a 3850, and XF'd 1950Pros wont take you that far. Buying 1 3850, then maybe going XF with that would be great, tho if your res is high youd be better off with a 512. You will get a slight bottleneck, but your upgrade will be very obvious, and you WONT see a bottleneck with a 1950
  2. Corsair HX620w PSU, as I wrote in the article (second page). And I used 1680 × 1050 px in most cases (and another measurement with AA/AF), in about eight games I measured the performance in 1280 × 1024 and 1920 × 1200 px too - but all this is easy to see in the article, isn't it?
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