Folder Lock not working as advertised

To begin with - thanks to anyone who can offer me any assistance.

I recently downloaded NewSoftware's Folder Lock 7 based on some CNET reviews. However, I can't get this application to function as advertised. I've placed a file (or a folder) inside the lock area, the status shows locked (as it automatically does), and I'm left to assume my file/folder is password protected and hidden.

Not so much.

Instead, the file/folder is right where I left it in explorer and files are fully accessible with no password needed. I go back to Folder Lock and it still says its locked; but that can't be the case. Am I missing something? Isn't the idea behind this software so that you can hide files/folders and make them only password accessible via the application? I would really like the features to work as I see other people in comments pretty much everywhere saying it works.

Like I said - any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

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  1. Read the manual, there could be several options to set. Many encryption programs encrypt the file, but only when it's removed from the computer it's on. And they have a Contact Us option, you can ask the company this question
  2. hand-the-9,

    Thanks, but I'm not necessarily addressing the encryption side of the software. I've read the manual - which only has language alluding to the software working as advertised and nothing else. I've contacted the company already too; no reply yet. I'm trying to figure out why it doesn't hide the file from the directory its in (or folder for that matter). It doesn't do that nor does it ask for a password when I click on it. Although I would assume the software simply isn't acting right to begin with if it isn't even hiding the file.

    Anyway, I've kinda moved on. I've secured my file via other means. But I sure wish something like this solution worked for me. Thanks again.
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