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I have the IP35 motherboard, with 2 LAN/Ethernet ports. I also have access to 2 separate live, wired internet connections. 1 is a cable connection at 1MBps, other is DSL at 256 KBps. I was wondering if it was possible to use both these connections at the same time for more bandwidth, and if possible, how do i go about doing it?
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  1. I've only read about load balancing & teaming protocol for using 2 or more Ethernet ports. Give this a try & post result:

  2. I've been trying to do something in a similar project. It goes by a lot of names (link aggregation, port/link teaming, ANS, trunking). The quick answer i've discovered is no, you will not get 2x or more bandwith in the way you are thinking ie pushing 2gigabit for a single file in one direction. The many explanations i've gottin tend to all agree. The setups can be for fail over and load balancing. A single file will not be diced and sent in parallel. 1 file goes on 1 wire, but 2 files can go on 2 wires and thats wer you get the sequential increase mobos tout. Sending a gig and receiving a gig =2gig. (fyi you can link more than 2 nic, i've heard of 8nic setups). Seems only backbones and high usage servers see any real benifits. Maybe someone will develop an app like bittorent for nics that will chop the files for multibroadcasting.
  3. But if you find otherwise let me know. I'm pushin huge 3-4 gig HD movies over my net and would love to speed things up.
  4. you basically have 2 ip's assigned to your computer. the limitations of TCP/IP wont allow you to do what you want to over the net. If you had 2 seperate programs using the internet you could pull that off, but not 1 transfer or 1 program over both.
  5. well when using utorrent you do see 2x the bandwidth... I have 2 350KB/s connections and I go 700KB/s easy with utorrent because half the connections go on one modem and half on the other, same applies to upload

    but downloading a single file with a single thread from say ftp will only go the speed of the connection it's using not both
  6. use router that has QOS on it ..put both ip's on it and balance the trafic thru qos
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