Exc FAQ does not make recovery tool recomendations. Some needed


I think the FAQ on raid is really great but what ro do if things go wrong???

I have a RAID 1 maintained by Matrix Intel Storage Technology on a PW5 DH Deluxe where, following a major system problem data has been lost . The Raid 1 comprised 2 ITB drives into a RAID out of which 2 partitions have been created . The partitions are shown. In each partition some data remains including on one of them a directory containing a windows backup file which appears to be intact. However a whole directory tree is missing from each partition that contains mainly raw image files and *.psd files in a deep hierarchy.

My guess that the table used by the raid system has been lost/corrupted.

Can any one please recommend some data recovery software that might be able to examine the drives and recover these files. This is really urgent for me.

Many thanks for good guidance.
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  1. Heya,

    In RAID1, whatever is written to one is written to both. So if one corruption happens, it's likely to be on both. It's not a good solution against this kind of problem. It's only good against physical drive failure (of one drive). For the purpose of backup, it being able to pick up after a disaster, it's not going to help, as you are finding out first hand.

    So if you just need to try to recover some lost data, check these out:

    DiskInternals Partition Recovery 2.5
    NTFS Data Recovery
    DiskInternals Raid Recovery 1.0
    HDD Recovery Pro 1.0.1
    SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor 1.8
    TestDisk 6.10

    Very best,
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