500 gb hdd that is no longer recognized. need a think tank

hey all,
Ive a hard drive that all the sudden stopped working and isnt even recognized anymore. it was the boot drive. when i boot, it doesnt show up in post at all.

I made a clone of it to see if the drive board was failing. the copy doesnt work either. I ran a virus scan on it, and it didnt come up with anything.

I had an old 250 lyin around that has windows. it boote dup fine. i even put a 750 (non formatted *blank) and it recognized that there is a drive, jsut no boot record. as to be expected.

I can plug it into another machine and all the files show up.

in short, the boot drive is no loger seen by the motherboard (msi x48 platinum, updated firmware) at all.

thaks in advance
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  1. I have seen some talk of people freezing dead drives overnight, sealed in bags with the silicone stuff you get with new shoes to remove water. Think I read in custom PC about it once also - only any good for maybe 30 mins run time to recover files.

    anyway - last ditch attempt ......... maybe
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