Q6700 @ 3.95 Prime 8 hour + stable! Why spend a grand on a new chip?

Why spend a grand or more on a new chip? (Besides for the fact that its new technology! And that they should OC decently!)

Once again I was board and just playing around to see what you can get with these things and not over volt by to much. Unfortunately I did have to go over the 1.5 volt spec limit, but I had to at least get a somewhat decent speed from it, right?

Prime 8 hour+ Loaded:

Prime 8 hours done and idle:

Super Pi complete 32 mill:

Idling Super Pi afterwards:

Saundra Multi Media:

Saundra Processor Arithmetic. (I placed it up against my 3.8 OC of a q6600 that took 1st place.)

Last but not least! CPU-Z Validation:

Have fun you all!

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  1. Lupi. Nice overclock. Is that 75C I see? No need for a space heater there at all. ...but you're right, beat that b**** until she's drops to her knees!
  2. Hehe, she wasn't even close to doing that! And yeah, its hot. But what did you expect? Thats a hefty Over Clock for a q6x00 series! After all, it was just over volted a small amount outside of the specs!

    Swapped Saundra P.A. tests, because the highest ranking chip it tests against is the new tech at 3.2 Ghz. Placed it up against my 3.8 q6600 that whooped the a$$ of that 3.2 Ghz new tech chip.

    Of course, they are un over clocked. :)

  3. 75C ...you still have 25C delta to TjMax so it seems safe. Sssshhhwwweeeeettt.
  4. Hey you think a Q6600 could reach those speeds with a boosted voltage? - Alex.
  5. Nice work.

    Curiously, what kind of cooling are you using?
  6. TehPwn said:
    Hey you think a Q6600 could reach those speeds with a boosted voltage? - Alex.

    The Q6600 has a lower multiplier, so wouldn't be able to go quite as fast. Also, at the high voltage, electromigration starts to rear its ugly head. Even if temps are controlled, those electrons can start moving and suddenly you wonder why the computer stopped and why there's a slight smudge on the CPU.

    That voltage, and the heat involved, is part of why the new expensive chips are nice. I can run 3890mhz (9x433) all day at 1.27v and 48c under Prime95, with 4050mhz (9x450) only raising the temp to 50c, still at 1.27v. That said, the speed reached by the OP is a good performance run, even though a tad warm.
  7. TehPwn, I doubt that a q6600 can reach those speeds and remain prime stable, because it takes more voltage than you think to even get that 3.8! The lower multiplier just makes it more Mother Board orientated.

    Most boards can hit 450ish, so that limits your speed to only 4050 as well, but you'd need 1.65 Loaded + to get near there. And thats just a guess, it may be a lil higher.

    The q6x00 series begins to see its upper maximum speed at 3.8. A good q6600 will run 3.6 all day, and 3.8 upper end. A q6700 High VID wasnt stable 3.8 stable @ 1.5 volts. It was a 1.3250 VID. The worse one, and it reflected it.

    Seboj, I was using an all in one koolance water case. My TRUE has similar results, and is better half the time!

    And yeah, its warm. I dont plan on leaving it there. It was more to prove a point, that the old chips can still crank up there!

  8. heheh nice work lupi, what cooling do you use?
    I have my Q6600 @ 3,2 400fsb with a Tuniq Tower 120 voltage of 1,32v
  9. That was on a Koolance all in one water case, which mostly sucks. My TRUE is similar, and sometimes better.

    The only time the liquid works good is when its cold out, lol!

    Radium, what is the stock VID of your chip? Just use the newest Core Temp and it will tell ya!

  10. Not all Q6700s can do this with a pretty decent vcore. That's why you go with those 1 grand chips.
  11. That's true. I don't know if I want you as my Padawan Learner if you are gonna actually get smart! Hehehe!

    --Master Lupi
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