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I have a case, PSU, and plenty of hard drives that will support expansion and have decided to upgrade and let my son have the guts out of this system. I have another case, with enough PSU wattage to just take out my MOBO and put it in there for him.

So I would need a CPU, MOBO, Graphics Card, Ram, and a decent heatsink/ fan

I have been looking at this CPU

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz 2 x 4MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Quad-Core Processor

I am pretty much set on that,i have always been an AMD guy, but the reviews of this chip are mindblowing. I might even delve into some OC'ing with it. Something I have never done before.

So what would be some good Ram, Mobo And Craphics Card to add to That particualar CPU, along with a fan/heatsink, without going over say 1200 bucks total?

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  1. Check this out. You are really not limited too much with a $1200 Budget.

    Mobo: Asus P5E X38 $230

    Ram: Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2GB DDR2-1066 $110

    Video: 2x Sapphire Readeon HD3870(Crossfire) $500

    Heat Sink/Fan: Thermaltake CL-P0114 "Big Typhoon" 120mm Heatsink/Fan $45

    TOTAL: $1165 including the Q6600

    The only issue would be with the heatsink/fan. The Asus P5E has a massive Northbridge cooler that surrounds the CPU socket. Someone who has a P5E mobo may be be able to recommend a better fitting HSF.
  2. First we need to know what games you are planning to play, your entire rigs complete uses. Also, what's the brand power supply you already have and model? can't build a rig without knowing these first.
  3. True. With that setup, you would need a pretty heffty PSU. Sapphire recommends at least a 550w PSU to run these cards in Crossfire (450w for a single card). So if your going to be OCing you should probably get something in the 600w-700w neigboorhood to ensure you got enough juice.

    Games wise, this rigg would handle pretty much any game you throw at it. Crysis would give this a run for the money, but I think the 2 Radeons would handle it just fine!
  4. the question is, does he need that much?...He hasn't even stated what his uses are, so theres a chance it might be too much for him.
  5. Yea, I guess it would be kind of a waste of money if he was just going to play CS:S or something. :lol:
  6. ^.^..that would indeed be
  7. My Bad guys. I play Americas Army online, I would like to play Crysis online, without any graphics card related lag, On the single player Demo I got around 15-18 fps. No AA or other filters on, everything on medium settings. I dont do alot of intense graphic design or anything

    I have a Silverstone 560 watt PSU, which should be able to power all my needs. ( I Hope) I seen the combo deal at the egg for the processor and a 950 watt Rosewill PSU. Kind of leary of the Rosewill name in a PSU. Would lke to go that route to ensure If i SLI A video card I will have enough power in the future, but am leary. Anyone with any knowledge of Rosewill in the PSU category's input appreciated

  8. Any more input guys?
  9. I though the OP wanted help with a "cheap" build ...
  10. just wanted to keep it around 1200 bucks
  11. Yeah that PSU should cut it. If your OCing becareful and monitor the stability of your rails, especially with the two HD3870s. They are power hogs.
  12. amd black edition 2.6. there's your ocing proc. and it's cheap. and socket am2 mobo's are inexpensive as well. but do what you want.
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