Does this mean my HD is physically damaged?

A friend of mine came with his rig from Europe. I went out and bought a PSU for him, set everything up, but there is a problem with one of the HDs he brought with him. The other one he has works fine. This one seems broken. When I hooked up the system it hangs up during boot at the "Detecting IDE devices..." stage. If I use just the other HD everything works perfect, it's just this one that seems to be causing this problem.
Also, since I had the entire rig "gutted", I put my finger to the hard disk, and there was no vibration from it whatsoever, unlike the other one that worked.
So I'm thinking physical damage during transit?
Also, I heard there was a way to copy data even from a damaged hard drive somehow?

Thanks for any advice in advance!
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  1. Check the brand of the hard drive, go to that manufacturers website and download the hard drive utility and run the program. This will allow you to scan the damaged hard drive and see if it has errors and if they are fixable.

    I repaired a customers hard drive this way and it was damaged on the system 32 folder and it reluctantly rebooted as if it had no issue before at all. I wouldnt count on that to happen often.

    Its very possible it got a little too banged around by the loading/travel/unloading and transit to your house.

    Try that 1st and see what happens. Come back and update us and we will give more advice if no luck...
  2. Well, like I said right now I can't even get the system to boot if the HD is hooked up. I'm going to take it to a local computer shop tmr morning and see if they can get it to run and what they think about it.
  3. Well turns out data-recovery is hella expensive. They gave me a ballpark figure of more than a thousand dollars. =/
    Guess I'll just ship the drive back to the manufacturer under warranty and get a replacement.
  4. If the hard drive is accessible you can pick up this device and connect it to a power outlet an a usb port on a working pc and collect the data from it:

    Its worth a try. If it doesnt work you will still have a tool that will likely work later in another situation and if it does work you will have a happy friend...
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