GA-M61P-S3 Onboard LAN problem


Now i can access the net. It turns out I can't use internet with more than 2 connections with the hub.
My hub is linksys brand. Is this problem anything to do with the GA-M61P-S3?
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  1. check the bios again see if the onboard lan is enabled
    check device manager.

    try removing device then install the drivers from the MB disk, or let windows find it
  2. in the bios there is one called MAC LAN and probaly one more called something else.
    btw i tried removing the software and disabling those. No go. THe windows don't even attempt to find it...
  3. does it show up in the device manager??
  4. it shows up at Nvidia Network controller on the device manager. If i delete everything.. probably nothing at all.
  5. in the device manager does it also have a yellow (!)
  6. Okay now the problem is slightly different. I cant connect to the internet with more than 2 computers. 3 computers are hooked up to a switch atm.
  7. Do you have a router and is DHCP set up?
  8. Wont he only get one if thats not on? i thought it was A "on" or B "off" and "on" supported upto 32 computers.
  9. evongugg said:
    Do you have a router and is DHCP set up?

    no. a hub atm. works fine with 2 but doesn't work with 3 for some reason.
  10. Get a router.
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