GIGABYTE 8800GT, is it good?

Found this 8800GT on newegg by GIGABYTE, it's quite new, right?

Seems like it occupies the same space as a 2-slotter, but still doesn't eject air out the back of the case. The price of $259 seems good, with all the gouging going on. I'm upgrading from a 7800GT, been looking at 8800GT for a while now, and heard all the heating/noise issues. Should I finally pull the trigger on this one?
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  1. Sure, why not?
  2. Why not...? Well, will there be newer cards coming out soon (9 series?) that has better price per performance? AFAIK there wasn't much new technologies put into the 8800GT, just a product that's cheaper to make. Should I keep waiting? This is my first time buying a high-end GFX card, please advise.
  3. That seems to be one of the best deals going, and I've had very good luck with Gigabyte vid cards in the past. I say buy it.
  4. Can you elaborate a little on what you mean by "had very good luck" with Gigabyte vid cards? If getting a working card is lucky... :kaola:
  5. It's good cause it uses ultra durable 2 parts in them. What does this mean?

    Using motherboard parts, these solid capacitors and transistor provide longevity and coolness...or so they say. A recent review on them (forgot where) showed that the Gigabyte 8800GT ran considerably cooler than a stock 8800GT. What does this all mean?

    Get it, that's what.
  6. I have a gigabyte 8800gt with the stock cooler, and it has been fine so far. I have the stock cooler set to 65% and a 120mm side fan blowing on it, so load temps do not go above 60C.

    That heatsink on that version looks just like this one only with the gigabyte sticker on it:
  7. That's a Zalman cooler, and the card appears to be clocked 700/1900 from the factory. Looks pretty good to me...
  8. Considering that it's running at 700/1900MHz, and it costs less than the stock speed cards from EVGA, XFX and the like, I say go for it big time. Gigabyte is a good company. Makes top-notch motherboards.
  9. Thanks for the quick responses, I was able to snatch one before newegg ran out of stock. Along with some heatsinks:

  10. I got it, its a monster! 13k 3Dmark06 idle 40 load 60.
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