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I have a Linksys wireless-G 2.4 GHZ router and a motorola surfboard SB3100 modem and use Comcast for IS cannot connect router to modem with wizard or downloaded software have tried everything but having comcast hook it up for $150 ugh! sounded easy but cannot make the connection. Can you help?
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  1. What model Linksys?
  2. lyleb said:
    What model Linksys?

    It is Linksys Wireless=G 24 GHz with speed booster model WRT54GS
  3. Model WRT54GS and i have downloaded the cd and go thru all of the instructions but the modem and router do not work together the cable man said the IP no. should be DHCP where do I find that?
  4. You set DHCP in the router's user interface. Read the manual for how to do this via your browser.
  5. Log into the router using router's address in your browser.

    Setup > Basic Setup

    Internet Connection Type
    Select the type of Internet connection your ISP provides
    from the drop-down menu. The available types are:
    •• Automatic Configuration - DHCP << this is the one <<
    •• Static IP
    •• PPPoE
    •• PPTP
    •• L2TP
    •• Telstra Cable

    Save the changes.

    Power off and power on the router.

    OR you could reset the router per the manual instructions and start over. (might be easier in the long run)
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