help me to overclock my phenom 9600!

thats the info on it, just a bit noob at the whole overclock process. just need someone to tell me exactly what to do.
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  1. Unfortunately, the current Phenom design doesn't seem to leave much (or sometimes any) margin for OCing.
  2. you should be able to push at least 200Mhz to 2.5 GHZ. All you have to do is go into the bios (usually by pressing delete when the computer starts go into advanced features or another tab in the bios that specifies it is for overclocking and up the FSB by about 5Mhz then reboot and do that again. When you go to high the comp wont start so remove the bios battery on the motherboard reset the Phenom to the speed you thought it was stable at and then run prime 95 overnight to make sure it stable. If not then lower the FSB
  3. my mobo is msi k9a2 platinum btw
  4. what mobo are you using? can you list the rest of the specs? isn't the 9600 with the unlocked multiplier? i think that in bios you can simply raise the multiplier to overclock second next best thing is to overclock the fsb. i have mine at 228x11(mulitplier) gives my phenom 9500 2.5ghz speed.
  5. I have a 9600BE and I had it OC to 2.4 By Muti. 11.5 to 12 But I cant get it any higher. its stable at 2.4 by the PC hangs if its any higher. I know that the B2s dont overclock well but I hoped to get 2.5 I will upgrade with the 45nm in Q4 for something faster.
  6. /Shameless bump

    This is the most relevant thread i can find to my Phenom B2 9500 Agena at 2.2gz.
    I use a Biostar Tforce 790gx mobo as listed in my configuration.

    Can i use the above method from teamlosigp, and am i right in saying the max reported is 2.4gz?
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