Problems with Sound Card and CPU


I have recently bought a new PC build. I am not a novice with computers, but I haven't built a PC for 6yrs or so. My PC build is the following:

Asus P5KC Motherboard
Intel Core2Duo E6750
Crucial Ballistix 2gb PC2-6400 RAM
Sapphire xt1950 Pro 512mb
Creative SB Audigy 7.1 OEM

First problem is my CPU. I used CPU-Z to check my processor, and I am a little worried as to why my voltage changes so rapidly, as well as the MHZ rating. My voltage continuously changes to random figures between 1.312v and 1.320v - I don't know if this is due to the 'automatic' overclocking the motherboard offers, or if its a problem related to my CPU. The MHZ rating also switches from 2003mhz to 2671mhz. I think the latter is what it's meant to be, but I'm confused as to why it changes so rapidly, atleast, CPU-Z shows it changing..

The other problem is my Creative Sound card. I run 2 sound cards on my PC, the other being the onboard sound, because I DJ on my computer along with gaming etc. The problem I am finding is that either the left or right channel will cut out, the sound will cut out entirely, or the sound will 'judder' making it appear like 1 'frame' of sound is playing every second. It's very weird, and I have replaced drivers with CD install, also downloaded drivers but continuously get this problem. I used a utility supplied on the Driver CD to 'test' my sound card and it said some problems with Direct Sound, so I don't know what is causing this? Also, when I use MSN voice chat, my mic will cut out which is actually plugged in to my on board sound, as a result I need to reconnect he voice chat call each time, and sometimes it will work for hours, other times it will work for minutes before needing reconnect.

Any help or advice is appreciated.

Thank you
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  1. Hi ukChilla,

    Don't think I can help with the soundcard but I think I know about the CPU. Basically when your computer is at idle, the CPU multiplier automatically lowers and CPU-Z detects this. This setting can be turned off I think by disabling C1E in the power management settings of your bios, although this is not really necessary unless your overclocking.

    As for the jumpy voltage I don't think this is a major issue as its not like its changing a huge amount, and I would guess it is something to do with the overclocking feature on the motherboard.

    Hope this helps
  2. Yes, that helps. I thought this was the case anyways, I was a bit concerned that the soundcard issue was tied to the processor issue, due to a PSU problem, or something similair.

    However, now that someone has confirmed my CPU theory, I'm not too concerned about that. Like I said, I had no problems running, and the CPU idles at around 18 degrees and hits about 28 on load, so I haven't found any problms with the CPU's operation.

    Now just to find a fix for this sound card, I have my old Creative card, which is about 10 yrs old, at home, it worked for the past 10 yrs flawlessly, so may see if that causes the same problems.

    Thanks for the reply, nzxtlexa.
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