help me reviews my oc...and what about ram : fsb?

what should i tweak to make it better?, i ram, cpu or else?
thanks ! :) (e4500)

my friend, want to swap his e6750 with my e4500 + 20$ is it good?, or should i bought 8400 instead?

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  1. I would say that you Modify your Multiplier and Memory ratio! 273 FSB sure the hell isn't high enough to support 450 Mhz of Data per channel!

    Dunno what your board is, but 400 x 8 = 3.2 for processor speed which should be simple for the chip. That way your Memory is running at a true 800 at least! It looks all nice and pretty to have it opporating faster, but does little.

    Wanna do a simple test? Go to stock, set the mem to where you have it now, and test with something or other, Then simply up the FSB from 266 to 400 or anything higher and look at your Mems Latency and junk.

    Gets much faster for simply raising the FSB! Wonder why? If the FSB is the pathways your memory has to take to communicate with other stuff, how can you pack 450+ Mhz worth of data on a bus thats 280?

  2. thanks, iam using MSI 750i, can it support lower muliti?, since last time i lower it its wount boot, but ill try it again.
  3. Well, make sure its still within specs! I think you have to turn off the CPU option EIST for whatever reason.

    Can you run Core Temp and list the Chips VID that is shown in core temp?

  4. cant seems lower multix in 750i, eist is off, VID : 1.3250 & tj max 85 cores 45, cant boot when i was upping the volt & low mulitx @ 3.2 fine when dont lower the multi x, any info dude?
  5. You may have to set the MCP voltage to 1.5, or 1.55. Thats the NB, I think. You may also have to set your VCore a bit high, because those boards have a large VDrop and droop. Try 1.47500 in the Bios for now, just to get her to boot!

    Also make sure your ram is in sync mode!

  6. As for swapping your E4500 + $20 for your friend's E6750, this is entirely up to you. Price wise, it's a good idea, but value wise? I guess it boils down to what you do with the pc.
  7. i already upped the nb, to a bit 1.40, will tweak a bit when i got home, thanks lupi!.

    i c, thanks dude :)
  8. How goes it? You at work??
  9. on break right now :D, yea in benchmarks e67xx beats e7200 all the way (dunno if its oc'ed or no tho), hmm no new games yet & why ea makes all westwood's (C&C) games cartoon, while original C&C was serious, explosive with twist of dark humors (new school) , new C&C (ea's) are light + colorfuly cartoon (pre-school :) ).

    also the old (westwood) had great FMV of fighting units (tank etc.) less video, the newer (C&C3) had interview like of bunch peps talking / giving you orders, lol :)
  10. Starcraft II

    Where is it??

  11. SC2 will be a while yet. I can't wait!
  12. hope it would be way better than C&C 3, also new warhammers seems cool:)
  13. manage to lower mx to 10 =bus 300, should i leave ram in sync with fsb @ bios? tk
  14. Try 400 x 8 with the RAM in sync. = 3.2 Ghz processor, and 800 true Mhz on the ram!

  15. i manage to low multix from 7-10 cant able to tweak fsb tho, still doing it :), i like the cmos button :)
  16. Yeah, they are handy. What do you mean cat tweak the FSB? Thats what you wanna change!

    I had a 680i that you had to take out a vid card to get to the CMOS reset jumper, and I hated testing things like RAM, because its no posts require a hard reset of that damn cmos.

  17. iam using 750i, the fsb seems suck in 750, cpuz said the rated fsb is 1204, while bus speed : ram is clocked @ 1033 FSB : RAM 7 : 12...hmm any suggestion lup?
  18. Well yeah! FSB x 4 = QDR FSB. (quad pumped) So your FSB is only 301. 301 x 4 = 1204.

    Your RAM is using a 7: 12 divider. Because your TRUE RAM speed Via the FSB is only 602 Mhz. You want the Divider 1:1 and the FSB 400 (1600 QDR)

    Suggestions? FSB 400! (1600)!

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