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I am a novice and would like an answer to the following. I currently have a GE FORCE 7800GT 256MB,and am contemplating purchasing a 8600GT 512MB card. Will there be a noticable difference in performance? Thanks, Don.
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  1. if you game the 7800gt is still a good/ok card. its better then the 8600GT see the differnce in 2 is the memory the 8600Gt has 128-bit while the 7800GT had 256-bit i would stay with that or get a 3850 or 3870 or a 8800GT 256mb and this will make a differnce if you game or not.

    Just my little 2 cents
  2. Do NOT get an 8600GT or GTS for a good gaming experience. Currently, the best midrange card is the 3850 256mb from ATI.

    If you need to get a good video card there is only a few choices:
    HD3850 256mb
    8800GT 256mb
    HD3850 512mb
    HD3870 512mb
    8800GT 512mb

    It's arranged from slowest to fastest (in most cases). I personally recommend the HD3850 256mb or 512mb for a budget card. If you want the best performance, the 8800GT 512mb wins hands down.
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. if you want a noticable difference in performance go for an anti hd 3850 is a very fast card

    check the toms VGA charts to check the performance of the cards
  5. I agree, going from a 7800GT to a 8600 anything, won't yield a massive improvement.
    My brother in law has a 7800GT (256mb) card as well, and they are still very good cards in every game except Crysis lol.

    Heck I think even going to a 3850HD might be a little bit too modest considering the card you have! If I were you, I'd go for the 3870 or 8800GT, or wait for something better yet like the 9800s in February (hopefully).

    Man..... If only I had at least a 7800GT! =0
  6. If you have the money, and a Crossfire mobo, you could get 2 3850s.
  7. yeah, crysis is pretty much the only fps i have to run at below medium settings with my 7800gt. Im atleast waiting until the next round of cards comes out.
  8. I run a 7800GT as well and with most games I see no problems, I'm running at 1024x768 at decent settings and doing ok. Sure I won't win any FPS contests but for now I can wait and see what comes out in the near future. I mainly play COD4 and get 30-60 fps so my advice is to wait or go with 3870, 8800gt or gts 512mb.
  9. I play COD4 with medium/mostly high settings at 1680x1050. Pretty much the only game i would upgrade for is crysis... not really worth it right now.
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