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I am using an xp machine for my server with mapped drives to the wwwroot on it.

Several times, especially today, I will drop the mapped drive connection, and I am unable to remote desktop to the machine. When I switch my monitor over to the machine, the default screen saver is up.

I've googled and tried all the things I've found.
1. Disabled fast user switching
2. Turned off screen saver
3. Gone into power management and turned everything to "never"

Any ideas on how I can stop this from happening?

I have had to reboot the machine the last couple of times to get reconnected.

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  1. did you try doing a repair install of XP without reformatting the drive? Did you try system restore, to go back to a date before the problem started?
  2. I haven't made any changes. This was a clean install a couple of months ago. I just set up the web, application, and db server. Haven't done anything else.
  3. did it ever work correctly? or has it always malfunctioned from day one?
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    actually, if you have microsoft automatic updates turned on, there is no telling what surprise changes will be made, or what will suddenly occur, and there are all kinds of malfunctions related to these updates. and so I am suggesting you repair install XP, without reformatting the drive, turn ms auto update off, do not install any updates. see if the log off problem stops,which I am guessing it may. If you are using a good anti virus, it really turns out that these updates are unnecessary. And as crazy as it may sound, it seems that the most stable systems are the ones that don't install the updates.
    another thing is to start checking the event log to see what occurs just before the log off occurs.
    Then for those who turn off auto update, install microsoft power toys, tweek IU, which allows you to turn off the message balloons, claiming that your system is at risk because ms update is turned off.
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