I would like to know how I can overclock my system further than I currently have, my system consists of

Processor: e6300
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3
RAM: Giel 2x1gb 800mhz DDR2 Dual channel
Power: Hiper Type R 580w
GFX Card: Radeon 1950xt

I appreciate any help given as am completely stuck, I have clocked it to 300x7 but if I go even 1 higher the system refuses to boot
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  1. What are your settings? Perhaps you are OCing the RAM? Remember, since all data to/from RAM has to go through the FSB, don't bother setting the memory bus throughput higher than the FSB throughput. Just take the FSB throughput (for example, 1066MHz), divide by 2 (for dual-channel mode), and that gives your the proper memory bus speed (i.e. DDR2-533 in our example). For running a 1333MHz FSB, proper memory bus speed is DDR2-667.
  2. Yeah I noticed that I was overclocking the Ram (slaps self in head) I have now changed that and have got my processor up to

    CPU: 375x7 (2.625ghz)

    The RAM I set to 2.0 x the 375, I'm not sure if this is bad though cos now its running under the 800mhz at 750mhz?

    I hope this makes sense
  3. Underclocking the ram is fine, but make sure it's stable, so you can eliminate it as a suspect of instability.
  4. Also makesure the RAM voltage is correct. Usually DDR2 800 RAM run at 2v-2.2v.
  5. ok, I got the processor to 2.8g now with the RAM running at 2.0x400 (800) but it seems a little slow, would there be any reason for this?

    Also I checked the temperature and its only at 45c this is ok right?

    How can I check for instability?
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