Motherboards for a Pentium D 805? Socket 775 problems

Does anybody know of a motherboard that properly suppots one of these processors? Bought one a while back, and a socket 775 motherboard to go with it, then found the motherboard doesn't fully support it and I can only use a single core.

Just gone online to look for a replacement, and found the GA-P35-DS3L doesn't support it either, and that's using one of Intel's latest chipsets.

Anybody know if there's a guide around to exactly which socket 775 motherboards work with which socket 775 processors? Very annoyed by this, tempted to swop to AMD just because I know they work.
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  1. 975, 965, 945 to name a few.
  2. That easy? lol, thanks. Started thinking it was going to be a nightmare when two motherboards didn't support it.
  3. I have the 805 D running for two years this May, I think. Runs in my 965 and 945. The 975 chipset also supports the 805 D. I also have run mine on a 775 ATI Express chipset, but I don't have that exact chipset info in front of me.
  4. Many thanks. Was kicking myself when I first bought this motherboard. It runs all the other 775 CPU's except the one I have. Looks like this particular CPU uses a lower clock frequency :-/
  5. Wow! Feeling much better about this CPU now. Sounds like I'm going to have fun when I buy a new motherboard on Monday. Might even get a bargain too since those are older chipsets now :D
  6. There have been a lot of Forumz members report clocking their 805 D to 3.6, 3.8 and even near 4.0 over the years. I ran mine an 3.5ghz on air on an ASUS 945G for a long time. I have it in a quiet front office micro build right now on an Intel ATI Radeon Express chipset. The 965P or 975 atx MB's offer more powerful voltage regulators than the 945g micro I was using to overclock the 805 D. You should easily overclock to 3.5, 3.6ghz on air with a 975 or 965P atx MB.
  7. Heh, considering I just upgraded my case to an Antec P182, with a cracking PSU and CPU fan to go with it I suspect I'll be doing just that :)
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