Dual core T2310 Vs Pentium M 760

Hi all, new here! :hello:

:hello: Just a quick one... How would a dual-core t2310, 1.46ghz 1mb cache, 533hz compare to a pentium M 760 2ghz 2mb cache 533hz running on a 2gig ram vista home laptop? useage restricted to standard stuff, office, firefox, photoshop, watching films, listening to music etc. nothing major.

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)

    Simple answer: T2310>PENTIUM M 760
  2. Really?! I thought the T2310 wouldn't be as good! I've seen a small form laptop that's cheap so I reckon I will go for it. Should I get rid of vista and replace with XP though?
  3. HI,

    My experience has shown that, a single core with 2.0 GHz is faster than the 1.46GHz, even if it is dual core, for everyday tasking.

    Personally, I would prefer the higher clock speed than the dual core, because, as you said, "nothing major".

    I still use a 2.13 Dothan with 2 Gigs and Vista, and it is great.

    I work with CS3, and Office 2007, and Visual Studio 2005, and my single core 2.13 is fine.

    the 2 gigs makes a lot of difference.

  4. I second that T2310 should be much better. As for Vista vs XP , thats really up to you. I just bought my first laptop with Vista (it has 1 gb ram and a T5250) and I'm really happy with it.

    For me, the sleep function on vista has been much quicker than xp. So I just close the lid and then open it then its on :) Vista always shows low amount of available ram because it cache's the programs you use most. (you can turn it off but I haven't seen a need to)

    Personally, I wouldn't downgrade to XP unless there was a compatibility problem with a program that you use. SP1 is just around the corner too
  5. The Pentium M 760 (Dothan) is faster than a single core of the T2310 (Yonah), but the T2310 has two cores.

    Given your usage, only Photoshop would stress the CPU, and unless you're using an old version of Photoshop, the T2310 will be faster overall, and cheaper, too.

    While people generally say not to compare MHz ratings, the Pentium M and T2310 are nearly the same type of processor, and in this case MHz comparison is fairly useful. But don't forget that the second core helps the system run smoother by offloading background tasks and keeping your system operable should an application lock up one core.
  6. Thanks guys! The new laptop I want (T2310) is a mobile laptop, 12" and lightweight and my current one (M 760) is HUGE and annoying.

    My main reason for upgrading is the size issue and it sounds like the smaller T2310 will slightly outperform my current machine anyway so I don't suppose I can lose.
  7. ^Agreed
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