Asus P5Kc vs. Gigabyte P35C-DSR3

I'm at a loss on which one to choose. Both have similar praises. Can someone give me a con\pros analysis?
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  1. Non go for either P5K (OR P5K-E WIFI) or gigabyte P35 DS3R
    because they OC better and also P5KC and P35C DS3R DDR3 options is limited to 4GB but the DDR2 option is limited to 8TGB, so the DDR3 option wont become useful
  2. why not go for the GA-P35-DS3P(rev. 2.1) it has few has extra features than P35 DS3R,2747,2746,2749
  3. Oh darn i wish you both replied sooner, cuz I already put the order out lol
  4. P5KC doesnt have alot of difference with P35C DS3R
  5. ok thx Mazier, but I checked out your claims. The P5K and PK5C both support up to 8 gigs DDR2, and the P5KC has the additional 4 GB for DDR3. So overall, the P5KC is basically the P5K w/ DDR3 support. Otherwise, its exactly the same. From what i can tell, the only difference the PK5-e and PK5-wifi have from the P5Kc is extra SATAs, USB, etc. which is not necessary for me.

    Also, I like the copper heatsinks around the chipsets over the aluminum ones on the P5K.
  6. But you're right, the DSR3 is pretty much the same. Which is why I am having trouble deciding :) I picked the P5k-c eventually because it can overclock better than the DSR3.
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