Any graphics card company with good warranty in Sydney?

Hi guys, I'm looking to get myself a new 8800GT for Christmas, but I've had quite a few issues with cards in the pass, so I just wonder would anyone know which brand of VGA cards have good warranty and customer support in Sydney. Thanks guys.
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  1. Sydney, NSW?

    Any business dealing with Protac, Altech or Synnex.

    These are all wholesalers, so any retailer selling ASUS, Chaintech, Ge Cube, Sparkle, Galaxy, XpertVision, Leadtek, Gigabyte, MSI, Inno3D, or eVGA, AND who buy these brands from Protac, Altech or Synnex should have good support from their wholesaler, but whether they themselves offer good customer support as a retailer, I cannot say.

    I recently returned a Sparkle card to Protac that died within 20 minutes (very uncommon for this brand). Sent it back on a Wednesday, they received it Friday, and I received a replacement Monday. Excellent service from Protac at a wholesale level.

    All three have very quick delivery at wholesale. For retail, you'd best ask who they purchase a particular brand from, that way you'll know if they have the backing of a wholesale-only company within Australia, or they import their own.

    Apologies for the half-answer.
  2. although not GPU related. il share my story about altech..

    my cousin used to work at altec QLD branch. and when i mentioned that to the techy guy he remembered her.

    i had a faulty corsair ddr2 dhx cas4 ram stick gave it to them on the wednesday 4pm and told me it should be ready on friday. i did call up on thursday 3pm to ask if its ready, he said come pick it up in an hour he'l sort it out at the warehouse..

    pretty sweet lol, dont know if he gave me special service or what but good either way

    @topic: what seabreeze said xD
  3. I'm in UK but ASUS, Gigabyte and EVGA are respected over here. I've also got a Leadtek 7600GT which is still going strong so I'll give them thumbs up!
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