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Okay guys, one of my first posts on Toms. About a week or 2 ago I bought 8 gigs of ram to help my BF3 problem. As of about 2 days ago I noticed when I got off of work that my PC was experiencing some spikes in most of the games I play. I think that I have a pretty decent computer and that I could really handle the game better than what I was running it at. I have a 660gtx ti, 8 gigs of kingston ram (1333 speed I believe), an i5 2400k processor. The problem That I think I am having is with my non-name brand PSU. Which is a Basiq Power brand. It is only 450w. So I am thinking that maybe my PSU can' power my whole PC because it's poopy or what. If anyone can give me any advice on what may be the problem of why I am getting these spikes in my games (BF3 FC3 mostly) I would appreciate it greatly. I don't have another PSU to try and what the biggest mystery to me is that it just started happening randomly after awhile. Thanks everyone, any advice is good advice for me right now.
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  1. When you installed your new memory, did you check tat Windows was using it properly? Look in Control Panel>System and click on the Advanced tab then the Settings button and the Advanced tab. Check that the paging file is being run by Windows and not fixed to one and a half times the amount of RAM originally installed. You can also find out is by looking under My Computer>C:\ drive and checking the size of the files pagefile.sys but you need to have Hidden Files and Folders unticked to be able to see it.
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