Q9550/9450/9300 Price Drop. Still 1-2 wk delivery. Wazzup?

OK, ncix canada have just droped the Q9550 price to $605 (in the last hour... Q9450 $366, Q9300 $312) and their story on delivery date is still 1-2 weeks. I've been trying to get them on the phone for half an hour but I'm on endless hold and I don't even think that they are around today.

What do they know that we don't? This is getting more and more interesting! Is the yorky delay story FUD? Is it set off by intel just to defuse anticipation a bit so that when they come out on sked on Jan. 20 everybody gives them a standing ovation?

Hot dang. If I didn't want/need/lust one so bad i might not care as much but I want it more than I want Jesica Alba as handcuffed to my frame jig! :pt1cable:
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  1. There could be lots of FUD going on.

    Example - Intel wants consumers to think the Penryn is as far off as possible. That will encourage them to buy the current C2D chips now.
    If folks new the new chip was going to be available in a short period of time, they would wait and it would hurt existing sales.

    If most sites list a CPU early, I would not give it a second thought.
    NCIX is a fairly major site.
    I think they must have some details and it may not be as far off as some of the speculation.
  2. Ncix is a major site and it crashed about ten minutes into their Boxing Day sale at 4 pm PST. It's still down an hour and a half later. I'm keeping refreshing as there were some really tasty deals on there, like $209 8800GT, $269 8800GTS, $14 for 2x1GB OCZ DDR2-800, $249 Q6600, etc. Only problem is that their servers are McFried. :(

    Let's hope that they get back up soon and I can figure out what they're doing with the Yorkies!


    Update. One hour and 50 minutes into their sale and ncix.com is back up. however their shoping cart is down so when you try to buy somehting you just go to a blank page. Their webmaster needs a good boot in the a$$!
  3. XMAS Eve is not the best time for a super sale.
    At least not for the Tech Guys.
  4. zenmaster said:
    XMAS Eve is not the best time for a super sale.
    At least not for the Tech Guys.

    You're absolutely right. After 2 hrs. and 45 minutes I have given up. I was able to get stuff on the cart, but imposible to checkout without ending up at blank pages. I've sent them two VERY nasty emails telling them that I WANT MY STUFF!
  5. hey chopper i just did a google search for Q9450 and it pulled up at least 5 online stores listing this cpu. i just emailed some site called bottom line asking them whats up, is this cpu in stock or what?
  6. I don't think anyone has it in stock, but they are showing it to be in stock at a date very close to the previosly anounced Jan. 20. Something has to be up. I don't think that this many retalers would all be wrong! I'm waiting to 9 am to call ncix and ask them flat out. I'll let you know if I get any kind of postive response!

    Later Edit:

    Flippin' ncix isnt answering their phones. Might haveto wait until tomorow to get an answer on the Yorkies! Damn!
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