5x32mb cache sata2 500gb raid5 drive array upgrade suggestions

Hi. First time posting, but frequent reader. Love the website.

I currently have an Asus m3n78-vm mobo in my media pc. I'm running 5x500gb 32mb cache seagate drives in a raid5 setup. I'm currently getting 400mb/s transfer rates :)

I know its sick, but I only use my array for a windows OS, xp media center. I store all my data on a 2tb nas box.

I want to go faster, just like in my car.

I want to keep using my onboard raid controller. I'm also considering using my E-sata port for a 6th drive... but I'm somewhat worried about the 2TB ceiling for XP...

What can I do to upgrade? I'm currently looking into swapping all 5 drives for 5 raptor 10k 74gb drives... they're decently priced in the used market right now, imho. Or 6 raptors.. I won't hit 2TB this way!

SSD would be nice, but somewhat pricey right now.

I don't have an unlimited budget, but I can sell my drives and chip in some cash.

Does anyone have suggestions?
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  1. If you are only using the drives for OS + programs, why not go raid0 instead of raid5? You'd lose some amount of reliability but would gain speed (for less price)!
    Something like 2x or 4x 74gb 10k drives would be as quick as it gets ;)
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