8800GT shows diff specs on NewEgg vs ZipZoomFly

I was looking to buy the Gigabyte 8800GT card on New Egg this morning, but when I went to add it to my cart, I saw it was out of stock. So, I went to my next choice of sites, which is ZipZoomFly. The card was 10 bucks more there, but I was okay with that. Then, I looked at the picture and saw it didn't show the Zahlman cooler. So, I looked a bit deeper and see the specs don't match the specs on the New Egg version. Yes, I see the Std specs are the same, but why do they show the additional higher speed on the NewEgg version? I'm not really experienced at this stuff, so it's probably no big deal, but I want to make sure before I buy. Here are some of the differences?

NewEgg ZipZoomFly

Core clock 700MHz (Std: 600) Core Clock: 600MHz
Memory Clock 1900MHz (Std: 1800) Memory Clock: 1800MHz

I still wonder if the Zahlman cooler is on the ZipZoomFly version too.
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  1. They're two different model numbers, they won't be the same card;
    GV-NX88T512HP Newegg
    GV-NX88T512H-B ZZF
  2. Hmmmm....wonder which one is better....

    Is the Newegg one overclocked?
  3. Yes, it is overclocked. And it has a pre-installed Zalman cooler? Odd....
  4. It is not unusual for brands to sell differently clocked GPUs. This has been done for several years already. There are different levels of overclocks.
  5. The memory might be running at different speeds, but some of those cards have the shader clocked running faster. You gotta do your homework.
  6. So, is having the shader clock running faster a good thing? (I'm new to this stuff)
  7. All clocks running faster make for a better framerate. So yes. There are 3 clocks, GPU, Mem, and Shader.
  8. The 8 series cards have 3 clock domains that can be altered: core, shader, and memory. The standard (stock) clocks for the 8800GT are 600MHz, 1500MHz, and 1800MHz respectively.

    Usually the core and shader clockspeeds are linked, so if you increase the core clock then the shader clock rises with it at a rate of 2.5x the core clock. This is not always the case though, especially with factory overclocked cards like the one from Newegg that you listed.

    To sum it up, the two cards that you listed are both 8800GT cards, but the one from Newegg is factory overclocked with a better cooler. No big deal though, you can use RivaTuner to overclock any card yourself. It's easy and free.

    By the way, yes, faster is better :sol:
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