MSI Platinum/CPU HSF Pushpin problems

MSI=P-35/ Q6600 CPU/ Tried the intel Stock fan, created high temps, decided to try to find a Cooler with backplate to fit this board.

I know you all have lives other than helping me, and I could go to the geek squad....oh, jus kidding,but really, I never thought those push pins would be a royal pain in the B%TT!

Ok, This Bozo has had it.

Patience is wearing thin.
I tried to seat the Hyper TX2 Coolermaster HSF about a half dozen times and once I pushed down on two diagonal pins the other would pop out again, and I felt the board pushing down.

And if I have to use that much pressure for these pins..FAGITABOUT! Don't want to break the board!!

I almost went all the way through the small 3.5 Grm tube of Arctic5 Paste.

I should have listen, I know I should have, but this I wanted to be simple….

I mentioned about replacing my stock Intel with a third party universal push pin type HSF. For all your newbies trying this at home…Install to Mobo BEFORE installing your Motherboard…WHAT? I hear some of you saying..” I told you so”..well. your absolutely right on! I have learned my lesson.

So, now the task of removing everything off the board. Pci-E GPU, a few PCI cards, memory,all the Sata,and IDE cables, case led/power/audio leads,etc.,etc.,etc.,.

My so called friend who helped me thre away the static bag for the Mobo, and worse, the protective plastic covers for the Q6600 cpu and the Mainboard cover.

Now that I’m ready to do this, is there any pother precautions? Is installing the backplate and the cooler hard to do for first timers?

I was told that Arctic freezer 7 pro or the Thermalright Ultra XP 120 are good choices. I know this is not rocket science, but I don't want to build a rocket with what little I know.

Here is my Mobo..

Which HSF with the Backplate will fit this board? Any suggestions?
Most applications I see are for Intel CoreDuo2...will this include the Q6600 Quad?
Thanks again for all your help!
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  1. PITA is an understatement. Try a b****.

    The best & easiest-to-install CPU HSF is still Zalman. It's only 1 clip & 2 thumb screws. But it requires a backplate & the removal of mobo from case.

    You don't need to reapply TIM every time, especially if it's just a few minutes apart. Just don't pull the cooler out. If the pins pop out, push it back down. Yup, do it diagonally. One thumb pushes one pin in while the other thumb holds the other installed pin. Once 2 are down, do the same for the other 2 push pins. It's best to rest the mobo on a soft surface like a thin foam pad from some mobos or a thick cardboard. Definitely not carpet. If you do it on a hard surface, the pins pop out.
  2. Thanks akhilles,
    I bought a ZALMAN CNPS9500

    yesterday. It looks pretty straight forward..I should have done this in the first place. I have I think stait floating around. I need alot of light to see what I'm doing on the remove,install backplate and reinstall everything else.

    Would a Rubber backing rug outside on the patio, on a table be a safe place with shoes on to do this task? I have carpeting throughout the inside of the house, and don't want to fry the CPU. I also would take the cpu, but my friend threw away both protective covers for the CPU and the Mobo (cpu) location.
    I guess I will also invest in a magnetic screwdriver in case I drop the screws loose on the board. I will post when all is up and running. Anything I should know about the install and other static precautions? I do have a static wrist band,but no where to attach the clip to while outside. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, and thank you for your two cents!

    I bought a ZALMAN CNPS9500 >

    Cookie Monster said, "Note: the fan of the 9500 is facing the memory, but it sucks in air so that it creates a "wind tunnel" effect. The air travels through the fins and then to the exhaust fan. "

    So, the fan sucks in, and I was thinking it would blow towards the memory slots, but the fan is really reversed, sucks in and heated air blows out the back exhaust fan? (opposite the fan Prop blades)...In other words, install the prop fans facing the memory slots?

    I really don't mean to seem stupid here, but when it comes to this, I do appreciate the help..BIG TIME. I did not know that fan sucks in,,I thought it blew out…Thanks again!
  4. Good choice on the cooler.

    Don't worry about the ram. Zalman cools unidirectionally. Ideally, the fan faces the front of the case so that the air is blown out the rear case.
  5. OK Thanks!

    So I'm going to place the fan facing the memory slots,which are facing towards the front of the case... [...] m&class=mb Thanks again!
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