New hardrive Problem!

I'm stumped on what to do here. PC is not detecting new hardrive it just hangs there. Heres a pic form the screen I get.
By mooney101

Now drive works just find because I can use with a USB cable adapter I have but Bios doesn't want to detect it and I can't enter the raid utility either. So I'm guessing I need to update the BIOS (last resort) or I have something set wrong. Maybe a reformat of the hardrive?

Mother board GA-K8N
Hardrive is HITACHI Deskstar 7K1000 HDS721075KLA330 (0A35154) 750GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive
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  1. Turn off the Raid controller in the bios.
  2. OK two problems, First is I installed windows xp with the raid turned on (yes stupid me didn't no at the time) in the BIOS even though I never created the raid set so if I turned if off by sitting the raid to "base" in the BIOS windows just keeps restarting. Now unfortunately I think that means I'm going to have to do reinstall of windows after I reformat the disk? Please tell me if there is anther way.

    OK second problem is after I work out Turing the raid off problem is the 750gb drive still doesn't want to boot no matter what. even if I turn off the raid and only have that drive hooked up it still locks and just shows the drive name and no drive size. Its as if windows bois is having trouble determining the size of the drive. BIOS update time maybe? To clarify I'm not trying to boot from the 750 drive I was just doing a test to see if I can at least get past that one point in the start up process...

    Thanks for any help here I'm lost on this one and I'm not sure how to proceed....
  3. Jumper the new drive to sata 1.5 and see what happens
  4. Mother board GA-K8N , i have one also .
    had the same problems when i build this computer with a new drive from maxtor , no matter what , i could not use the drive .
    My only solution was to buy a sata controller card , i use it now and there are no SATA drives connected to my motherboard as it seems this type of motherboard has major problems with sata drives. so now i have a western digital as main drive and the maxtor both on one SATA ontroller card , sad aint it ? .
    The manufacturer nor maxtor will help you out , either you need a new motherobard or a SATA controller card , i am actualy still angry about it all
    (ofcourse maxtor never helps u out, thats known/see usb drive problems in this forum :/ i mailed them to death LOL ) .
    i hope this is not the problem with you , but it was mine,, just letting you know , maybe try if it works in another computer first with a different motherboard?
  5. ??? no matter what you should ,,??,,be able to fdisk either hdd by itself,no??,can you get a hold of an identical hdd by either manfu,i have in the past seen instances where maxtor hdd's will not play nicely with other hdd's,anyway hitachi's are better than maxtor's anyday,and western digital is way better than both of em put together,got 6 of them,, wd's that is,,,,,disclaimer,,,,in my experience,,,if,, they are not too old,,can you exchange then for two wd hdd's???,you'll be glad you did..:)
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