PNY 8500 GT SLI-mode freezes my BF2!

Hey Everyone, New member here with a pretty much unaddressed problem web-wide.

I've searched for other's with the same problem and haven't seen too many others griping about it, but I have two Nvidia 8500 GT, PNY verto's (512 MB). The short and quick way to describe it is that when running them in SLI mode (dual), My grphics freeze up within the first 1/2 minute of running BattleField two! My system more than meets the minimum needs of Battlefield, in fact when running the cards in Single GPU, everythng runs fine. Yes, I have visited Nvidia for updates, Even updated my bios but I still can't get this older game to run on these newer cards. My two 6800 Nvidia cards run better than the new PNYs, even with downclocking all my OC components (PC link, GPU MEM, GPU CORE speeds, I still run into the problem. . . . .

I hope the lingering assumption is not correct in that PNY 8500 GT's are simply poorly designed. I mean I got em both for 90 bucks at Best buy of all places ;)

Mucho thanks folks!
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  1. Monterico said:
    My two 6800 Nvidia cards run better than the new PNYs

    no real suprise there, the 8500gt's are absolutely horrible, even your older 6800's should wipe the floor with them.

    If possible try to return them and get a faster card, maybe a X1950pro ($135), HD3850($170), or 8800GT 256MB ($210) if you want to see an improvement
  2. $180 for 2 8500 GTs sounds like a ripoff to me... especially considering that a single 8600 GTS will beat your SLI pair without the SLI hassles. Like TurboFlame said... even your 6800s would probably do better.

    If returning your cards is an option, strongly consider it. If not, it really does sound like you've covered your bases so hopefully a future driver update from Nvidia might help. Since you're testing a single 8500 GT setup, you might want to make sure that EACH card is functioning properly when doing that test... perhaps you just have a single bad card?
  3. You guys rock, thanks a bundle for affirming that my instincts might have been correct. .. .Back to best buy I go ;)
  4. Two major points:

    Don't buy an 8500GT at all if you want to game, it's the almost sacrilige (forgive the spelling, i'm a wee bit drunk, it's 3:30am and I can't be arsed).

    Don't shop at bestbuy. I don't even live state-side and i know for a fact bestbuy is horrible. Shop at newegg instead.

    Those are the two main points, but if you want to game with your system invest a bit more moolah in either an ATI HD3870 or an nVidia 8800GT. The 8800 will give you 10%ish more performance, but cost about 15% more. It's your call.

    Hope that can be of some help.
  5. Well, Best Buy is not the best place in the world to shop for computer parts, but like everything else, you have to do your research and know what you want before you ever set foot in the store. It's not Best Buys fault that he purchased probably one of the most undesirable video cards to be released in 10 years. And to make it worse, he bought 2 of them! No ones fault but Monterico for not coming here and asking first!
  6. Haha, I still blame PNY for marketting such a P.O.S., however, a man on a shopping spree with a paycheck cashed in hand can be a dangerous thing, (maybe I sign up for Bad-buys-anonymous...)
  7. Actually, you can't blame PNY for "marketing" such a "POS". As everyone else has said, the 8500GT's are not gaming cards pure and simple. They are made for HTPC use,for people who run dual monitors for NON-gaming purposes such as Excel, and/or people like me who hate integrated graphics (I refuse to lose system ram just to run my monitor),but don't game save for simple games like Bejeweled 2, emulators, and RISK.
  8. lol might as well crossfire 2600PRO's lmao
  9. Actually, BestBuy has had some of the best prices on the new high demand cards. I got my two 8800GT for $238 each. They have the HD3870 for $194, and they have the HD3850 for $144 now.

    He should return the two 8500's and grab any of the cards I mentioned above that fit his budget. A single HD3850 beats SLI 8600GTS even and BestBuy rules in pricing on these cards ....assuming you find a store with them in stock.
  10. Well, with the X-mas haul I think I will do just that, However with PNY I insist that they were a bit deceptive because of the marketing on the box, They clearly market it for gamers, like me who don't think to review prior to impulse buying. (guess that's why the word 'impulse' is used). Now to review Best Buy's Return policy- why should they care about my return, I hear they are killing the consumers with the Gift Card scheme!
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