I have a Dell SX270 that I was working on

the problem is that i tried to install a 1gb RAM stick

and when i tried to turn it on it would not

the Orange LED light remained on and so did the Green LED on the external supply

but the system itself wont boot

so i went back to normal conditions and again it still wont turn on

any suggestions

the LEDs remain strong and on

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  1. The SX270 has two slots. What's in the other one? If you had 2 x 512 MB stix, putting a 1GB stick in one slot can screw it up. Can you also confirm that you have 333 or 400 memory? Also, did you use static protection when you were messing about inside?
  2. try remove the "reset BIOS" jumper and press the power button a few times, then put the jumper back on

    DELL is well know for crappy BIOS that does not automatically detect hardware changes.

    hope this helps
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