New Asus P5K-E only powers up for 1/2 second.

I am building a new rig with ASUS-P5K-E and Q6600 2.4GHz.

I have everything seated correctly, but when I press power, it only runs for about a 1/2 second (all fans spin up and then immediately shut down).

I've tried the usual: reseating mobo, pulling everything out except for memory, vid, etc. and it still does the same thing.

As a test, I took everything out (including CPU) and the board powers up fine, the CPU fan (still connected, but no CPU) spins up and runs until I power down.

Any ideas? Everything is stock clocked (as far as I can tell, it never booted). Is there a way to tell if the CPU or mobo is bad (I don't have a spare CPU to test).

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  1. If the setup supports the cpu, it might be the bios that needs an update.

    Is the 4/8-pin cpu power connected?

    List the rest of the specs.
  2. You could maybe try another power supply.

    Have just it, the cpu+fan, one stick of memory and the video card hooked up to the MB. Go from there and see what happens. But make sure that all the necessary power connections are plugged in. 20/24pin main power, 4/8 pin cpu power, cpu fan, VGA power (if necessary, depends on your card). Then keep your fingers crossed.
  3. What is the 4/8pin CPU power? I have the standard ATX connector (20-pin) then there's a 4pin right next to that. Both are in. The connectors are at the bottom of the mobo (below the RAM)

    There is a 4pin/8pin connector next to the CPU, (4 of the connectors has some sort of cover on it). These are next to the CPU, but I don't have any free cables from the PSU that will connect to it (not to mention any that will reach--the PSU is at the bottom of the case, not the top).

    Are these still needed? I don't have any more cables coming from the power-supply that fit.

    My system is:

    Asus P5K-E
    Q6600 2.4
    4 GB OCZ Dominator 800Mhz
    eVGA PCI-E 8800-GT
    Antec P180 case
    OCZ 600W PSU (

    As I mentioned in the original post, I tried just powering the board on with just 2sticks of memory and the CPU fan attached (no CPU, no Video, no hard-drives, etc.) and the board powers on.

    When I mount the CPU and try, the board powers on for just a second.

  4. Please take a quick look at the layout in the manual to familiarize yourself with all the connectons.

    4/8pin cpu power is usually far away from 24pin mobo power. 8pin can power dual cpus. 4pin is enough for a single cpu. The cpu power should be connected before a large hsf install or even before mobo install or it'll be hard to plug it in with little to no clearance.

    Try each stick of ram in each of the slots.
  5. Thanks for info. I try using both the 4pin and 8pin connectors and got the same results. This time though the fans spin up for about a full second, then shutdown (used to be only about 1/2 second or less). Then after about 2 seconds, they spin up again for about another second, then repeat over and over.

    I noticed that the case fans (plugged into PSU) spin very slowly during that one second. The GPU (8800 GT) however spins very fast (and is loud).

    So I guess I will just have to exchange it. I am out of ideas.
  6. Stock cpu cooler? Push the push-pins all the way down. That might be it.

    What about ram in different slots?
  7. i have the same thing happening to me in a very similar way. when i power up all my fans will spin for about a second, then turn off, but then the system will seemingly just wait about 3 to 4 seconds, then boot up like normal. works perfectly fine after that. its weird because sometimes it doesnt happen, i will push the button and it will boot up like normal. i have the same motherboard, processor, and gpu, with a zalman cnps 9500, ocz plat. rev. 2 ddr800 ram, on 700w ocz gamexstream psu. it is a very odd issue indeed. ill see what i can find out, because although my system works, its still bothersome. i did update the bios to the latest version yesterday but have only rebooted once since then. ill tell you what i come up with, but from my experiance, i dont think your other hardware is defective at all so i wouldnt rma anythign just yet.
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