I Know this is a wrong section but if i post anything in another section no1 just replying O_o
anyway i have stupid problem :x im listening music with windows media player watchig movies too but icon looks exact the same and sometimes i dont even know witch file is avi and witch file is mp3 so how can i change icon from this : http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/6590/wmpdt9.jpg
to this : http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/7172/avixm1.png
sorry for the wrong section its not gonna happen again ty <3
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  1. Control Panel --> Folder Options ---> File Types ---> Select extension ---> Advanced ---> Change Icon
  2. thats the problem i dont have that icon :/
    somehow its comming with dvix i dont know to be honest.. thats why im asking
    btw runswindows95 can i have your msn? we could figure out @ msn i just dont wanna spam forums :p
  3. I don't use MSN, and just use a different icon to separate the files. If anything, download MP 11. WMP 11 has a set of icons that separates file types.
  4. thats the problem im using wmp 11 O_o
  5. Another option
    Tools -> Folder Options
    View and uncheck "hide extensions for known file types"

    Now you will see all your file extensions....i always use this to tell my media files....

    I grabbed the old media player of my XP home machine and it did not have the icons in mplayer2.exe and wmplayer.exe

    the search continues....

    I iconed it for you...but need a way to get it to you if you want it.....its a temp solution...still looking for the right exe with all the files...
  6. Tools -> options where i can find that ?O_x
  7. in windows explorer
  8. Oh :p lets see can i have more ss how to do that im abit confused and drunk O_x
  9. will that do the trick for you?
  10. yeh its working now , but anyway there is any chance to change the icons? it looks kewl
  11. you can have any icons you want. but be aware that older icons are 32x32 and windows in tile view is 48x48 so icons can look stretched....

    Hell i have a nuke for my computer and the pillsbury dough boy as a docs icon....

    If you want to make a full icon containing different sizes and color depths you can use iedit32(have not used in years but it did work ok...and was free)

    If you are lazy....just capture any old image and use Irfanview to make icons out of files...thats all i did for the .avi icon i pictured 3 posts back...If you do this, make the size of the icon 32x32 or 48x48 for tiles....no bigger..you may also use a transparent color
    http://irfanview.com - Be aware, do not take any file association unless you want all images to open in here....or select what you want to open....
  12. Its tricky for me... anyway somehow you can do those icons when u using for example (select avi vid) right click it
    properties > http://img178.imageshack.us/my.php?image=yehij8.jpg > change and choosing windows media player and auto my all icons changed to my favorite icons http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/7172/avixm1.png Avi to Avi , Mp3 to Mp3... but for some reason doesnt change now maybe im using not fully updated win media player 11?O_o
    p.s sry for my bad english but i hope u get it what im trying to say...
    Or maybe those icons comming with Xvid's , Dvix's?
    It was working for me until i formated my PC O_o now its not working sadface
  13. Well damn, was easier then i thought....

    all the icons in question are located at C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmploc.dll

    An easy way to fix this is to go into

    Tools -> Folder Options(from my computer again)
    Now click on the File Types Tab....then find avi(repeat for anything else like mp3, mpeg ect) and click Restore

    If it does not come back, just hit advanced and tell it to look in the location above for an icon, but i do not think you will have to....

    Hope this works for you....i tested it and it works for me...

    Bed time here.....post if you need more help....
  14. thanks for helping me but @ this C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmploc.dll there is no (my favorite) icon wtf=( fkn confused
    its probably those icons comming with Dvix or with fully updated wmp 11.. anyway what dvix u using?=)
  15. did you restore? thats should put back the windows default....
  16. yep still doesnt work... i guess those icons comming with fully updated wmp11 or Dvix.. =(
  17. do you want the icons them self? you can manually put then in? I can send you the dll file and you just point to it and select the right icons...

    Just so you know i have SP2 the latest DivX and wmp11
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