Will OEM CD work w/new hard drive?

Hey fellas
I ran a quick search, but i didn't see any results. My hard drive recently crashed and i'm in the process of attempting to fix it. Worst case scenario, my HD is dead and i need to buy a new one. I built my system with an OEM XP CD. If i have to buy a new HD, will the OEM disk install onto it?
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  1. OEM will work fine. Just set your 1st boot device to the cd rom and your first boot drive to the drive you just installed and off you go...
  2. Thank you sir.
  3. Your welcome, sir. :P
  4. One other thing. Have you ran the utility to check the hard drive? What brand is it?

    Go to their site and download the hard drive utility and create a boot disk and run tests on the hard drive. It should tell you for certain if its bad. And if its fixable, in some cases it can repair the hard drive.

    Its worth a try...
  5. It's a WD HD. I went to the site, d/led the analysis program and repair program. Analysis came up with zero errors, but the repair program hasn't been able to run. I've been having an issue with my d: and it hasn't been able to run the specific repair program. I was going to try putting the repair program on an a: but nobody seems to use that anymore. So...figured i'd break down and buy a new HD.
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