Nvidia GPU EX Setting...

There is a Bios setting for Nvidia GPU EX.

I turned it off and saw an increase in 3dmark06 scores from 6000 to 10500 using windows XP. With Vista however I'm back down to 6000 is there a chance that this is getting switched back on somewhere? If so any one have an idea on how to make sure it's forced back off since turning it off in the bios doesn't seem to be doing the trick with Vista?
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  1. As far as i know, Nvidia GPU Ex should increase your fps and not decrease it:

  2. I got a FPS out of GPU EX setting being turned on in the BIOS.

    2007-12-23 14:14:39 - UT3
    Frames: 11196 - Time: 181598ms - Avg: 61.653 - Min: 51 - Max: 64
    Compared to the old avg of 61.
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