One Video/Audio Plus One Video Output From One Computer?

We need to play one video/audio stream and one picture slideshow (no audio) at the same time on separate HDMI TVs.

Is this easy to do with one computer?

Is this an issue of OS setup? Outside software? Multiple graphics cards?

We will be running Win7 on a workstation class machine. Dual graphics
cards are an option if necessary.

Please point me in the right direction, or to another forum if not appropriate here!
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  1. You can set this up easily since you have no need for audio on the second TV.

    Multi-monitor setup (which you can do with a single video card as long as it supports at least two outputs which is any of them), move one window to one TV, other widows to the second, and connect the sound card output (or HDMI) to whichever TV you need sound on. You can just mute the other slideshow if it has sound.
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