Trying to build a new raid array on Gigabyte P35 Ds4

I purchased two 320G HDD to add Raid 0 storage to my computer. But am having trouble getting them to work. I have them running through the Gsata port. I have gone into the bios and enabled them and set the controller to raid. Restart and it see the drives. Says ctrl +g to go to drive setup and instead load to straight bios. Is there a way for me to setup these drive in Raid without re-installing windows and all my software? What have I missed?

Gigabyte p35 ds4,
Intel e8400, 4G OCZ Ram, EVGA 8800 gts
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  1. you may need to add you OS disk to a RAID 0 array of 1 disk and then make another RAID 0 array for the other 2 disks.
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