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I got a Sun Fire X2100 M2 server home and I would need to connect it with some kind of an external storage solution. Basically I would like to have RAID0+1 with 4 HDDs and 1 spare. It also needs to be HotSwap. The server has two empty PCI-E x8 slots. Thus I would need the following:

1. An external case for 5 3.5" drives
2. 5 good 750GB drives (I need 1.5TB of space)
3. Suitable controller for server

I'm probably going to order everything online from Germany (I'm in Finland), so if someone knows a good store and can recommend a good package, I would be very happy. I've had some problems trying to find suitable solutions as my only experience is with SCSI and eSATA is the way to go with my budget. However, I'm pretty confused with what cards I need with what external case in terms of eSATA cards, multipliers etc.

I don't need hardware RAID either, because I'm going to run software RAID+LVM on Linux. The server does not do anything CPU intensive, so software RAID is probably faster. I would still prefer a eSATA card with a good DMA engine, though I suppose pretty much all cards except the cheapest ones already have them.

Can anyone recommend what to buy?
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  1. This thing is pretty much exactly what I need:


    I've been trying to find a store in the EU that would sell it, but haven't found any. Does anyone know any good stores selling storage stuff inside the EU? Should I buy a better eSATA card for it and what would you recommend?
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