What's your experience with OTA HD?

I am thinking of adding a TV tuner to my rig, and I'm not sure if i want to go with an HD capable card. I don't have any HD tv's in my house, so I'm not getting any HD signals from the cable company. So at this time my only way to receive HD signals would be through an Antenna with OTA HD. Now my question for you guys is; What is your experience with Over The Air (OTA) HD? What card are you using? What antenna are you using? Now i know it the quality and quantity of channels depends not only upon location of your house, but also where your antenna is in you house: ie in you basement or on your roof. I searched through countless threads and could not find a current discussion on the subject, so I decided to start one.

A few things to look at:Tom's Hardware Video on OTA HD on a Laptop with a usb stick
OTA HD Demystified
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  1. I have an ATI HDTV Wonder and an AverMedia M780, both work about the same but I'd recommend the M780 because you can use the analog and digital tuner at the same time unlike the ATI card. I've never had any luck with any indoor antennas but I got a Channel Master 4228 and have it sitting in an non-insulated room on the 2nd floor in my house and get near perfect reception on all channels. I live probably 40mi from the source signals. Overall I'd rate my setup at 5/5.
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