USB2.0 PCI-card trouble in old mobo


I have just updated an old computer with a NEC USB 2.0 PCI 4+1 card. The motherboard normally only has old USB connectors, I want USB 2.0 for the speed.

The card is detected fine in win xp prof sp2, and configures according to the card manual in the device manager.

Everything seems fine until my external hard drive is connected and i start browsing on it. When viewing pictures on the ext drive, for example, windows cannot preview the pictures, and after maybe ten pictures (of which maybe one manages to get viewed) i get the USB_BUGCODE_DRIVER bluescreen.

When attempting to copy files from the ext drive to the system disk, this seems to work, but when the files are opened there are errors in them. Here the blue screen is not so common.

When the ext drive is connected to the old USB ports, it works fine (but SLOW).

I've been trying a lot of different things here and I'm stuck. Supposedly, there was an issue like this that was fixed in SP1, but that is old news since my windows is up to date.

MB: Epox 8KHA+, bios VIA KT266A rev 09/16/2003
CPU: Athlon XP 1700+ @1.47GHz, no overclocking
GPU: GeForce3 Ti500
ext drive: packard bell store & save 400GB (w/ independent power supply)

All help would be appreciated, this is ruining my holidays!!
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  1. Sounds like your mobo is so old that the chipset cannot support USB 2.0 transfer speeds. But it's late and i cba to look around. I'll provide more support 2moro.
  2. Sounds like your mobo is so old that the chipset cannot support USB 2.0 transfer speeds. But it's late and i cba to look around. I'll provide more support 2moro.
  3. Oops 2 posts :)
  4. did you use the drivers on the cd? when i used one of those in the past i think the windows drivers where super slow and may have been bugged....try the cd drivers...if you dont have the cd' i will look around and find it....

    Since i used a card like that on a durron 1000 i doubt there is any chipset that can not handle it :)
  5. I did not get a cd - the box boosts of the PnP autodetection.. if you have drivers I would be happy to try them, the website of the cardmanufacturer doesn't give any drivers either.

  6. Ok the card i have uses the NEC chip with the following written on it.....


    I am going to get the drivers stored somewhere for you, but first i am going to install the card to make sure its the drivers on the CD i was running....

    Does your card look like this?
  7. my card looks different from yours, but my card also looks different from the picture on the box it came in (which a disclaimer says is ok).

    my nec chip says

    I'm very willing to try yours though since i tried a lot of weird stuff already..! Thanks a lot!
  8. Bad news, Installed the card and windows does not want to use the CD anymore, i can force it, but it looks like when SP2 came out they fixed there drivers.

    My only other suggestion may be to try to move the card so it does not conflict.

    The speed on this card is also much slower then my onboard USB(18megs/sec on my external drive vs 35-5 on my onboard).

    Well off i go to check for other CD's i have had more then on USB card. will try another cd and see what happens....
  9. Ok, thanks though. Found some other drivers on random websites that i will try after shifting the card around in the box!

    Thanks again!
  10. CD 2....slower....damn....

    Sorry bout that, looks like it was fixed with a service pack....or at least it runs its best with windows drivers now, i DO remember a time when i needed to install the special drivers to make it work right....

    Its also hard since my USB drivers are patch 7 ways from sunday to allow for 500 reports per second vs the standard 125..... is a good place for drivers.....just look at a few adds say no thanks and get your drivers....the onces on CD2 are U2v2_062.exe.....maybe they will work better for my case i think it's my hacked(500-1000 reports per second) drivers that are causing me problems with the cards speed.....It extracts drivers to C:\WINDOWS\Drivers\ousb2...those drivers are only used for the NEC Enhanced USB....and the usb 2.0 hub....the open host controller's do not need any drivers.....

    Sorry i can not be of more help.....
  11. Hello,

    In the end, I had to give up, trying new drivers or shifting the card around to avoid IRQ-conflicts did not help. The computer will run on USB 1.X indefinitely, and I will return the card. Either the USB-card is broken or the motherboard is simply too old.

    Thanks for your help though!
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