e8400 - Cant OC ot 3.6 but can OC to 4.0?? (Doesnt make sense)

Man, what am I doing wrong here???

I have had this mobo for about a year now and everything has been running fine with my e6600 oc'ed to 3.3ghz.

I just got the e8400 and it is running like junk. At first, it wasnt even being recognized properly, had to reset the cmos using the jumpers. When it booted up, this is the default I get in the bios. (I failed to reset the bios to default settings before adding the new chip)

FSB 1333
CPU 1.17
FSB 1.2
MEM 1.9
SPP 1.25
MCP 1.5


48c cpu
34c board
48c mcp

I then tried to overclock to 1600 (3.6ghz) fps with the voltages below, no go wouldnt boot... had to reset the cmos to boot. Tried again but this time with 1780 fsp (yeah I know, 1600 didnt work so let me make things worse .. right?).

Magically, it now boots but gets a startup temp of 59c. Also, I noticed vdroop for the vcore to 1.41 (was set to 1.475) Took it to 1.5 and it vdrooped to 1.45ish.

Anyways, when I boot windows with the following settings it locks after a few min.

(These settings were suggested on another thread)

FSB 1780
CPU 1.475 (actual 1.41)
FSB 1.3
MEM 1.9
SPP 1.45
MCP 1.55


I have the latest bios version (which I updated to months ago) 691N0P32.

Here are the specs ...

-MSI NX8800GT 512M OC GeForce 8800 GT 512MB

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz LGA 775 65W

-Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST3500320AS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive

-G.SKILL 8GB (4 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)LITE-ON 20X DVD±R DVD Burner with LightScribe Black SATA

-Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3320620AS (Perpendicular Recording Technology) 320GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive

-ZALMAN CNPS 9700 NT 110mm 2 Ball Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler

-EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard

-CORSAIR CMPSU-520HX 520W ATX12V v2.2 and EPS12V 2.91 Power Supply

-Vista 64bit Ultimate

Why would I be able to hit 4ghz and post but not even be able to boot with 3.6 same voltages??

Thanks ahead of time!
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  1. Did you adjust the Memories divider or timings to make up for the heightened speed? 445 FSB means 890 Mhz ram minimum.

    Normally the Re set the CMOS because it sticks right before the post is caused by the RAM not being set properly. It causes the Freeze before post, and manual re set of CMOS. Drives me nuts, and when I encountered it, it was on that same board, a 680i chipset.

    Be sure to update to a new Bios, and be aware that the FSB has many holes, that can also account for the no posts. If there is a area you really wanna try and post at, manually set the FSB strap to NB to 400 and re boot. If it freezes again, reduce the strap to 333, and select the closest mem speed to what you had. Usually its only off by 1 Mhz. But that can correct a frequency divider that the system simply didnt like.

    Anyways, because at a different frequency, things flow differently.
    You can also try 6-6-6-18 on yer ram timings, disable any static read control and transaction booster for now! Then re try that FSB again.

  2. I did not try and change the ram timings specifically but I did try link and unsynced leave the memory undeclocked.

    Also, the funny part is when I try and OC the cpu to 3.6 that is 800 for the ram ... right on par where it should be. So its actually not overclocking the ram at that point. Which is why its funny that at 4.0ghz (which is overclocking the ram) it runs fine without changing the ram settings.

    Although, maybe chaning the ram settings at 4.0 would help me from crashing while in windows.

    What do you mean by the FSB has many holes???
  3. FSB holes. Places where funny things happen when you get into windows. But usually it is a hole that causes a no post that requires a hard reset of the CMOS. Unless its your RAM, that can do it as well!

    I have noticed an easy but odd that it works way to tell if its not liking a specific FSB. When loading Vista, use the f8 command to get the boot menu, and then select one from there. If the boot screen instantly fades away, all is well, but if it takes a moment to fade from view, at least on my comps at my speeds, I can instantly know when its not liking a FSB due to the dividing or whatever going on.

    Weird, but true.

    As far as your problem, I cant say. To correct it when I have the hard boots, you can manually enter 400 as the Strap to north bridge. If thats the one causing it, of its already on that one, set it to 333.

  4. I will check that out with regards to your vista boot suggestion.

    As I have been running overclocked with my e6600 for the longest time, I am hard pressed to believe it is a ram issue. Espically considering I unsinked the ram and left it underclocked. However, that will be the next avenue I persue if things continue not to work.

    On a good note, knowing this can be a cpu hole (something i had never heard of before) makes things easier.

    I tried 1700fsb and that works, 1500 and that works, 1650 and that doesnt. So I am thinking the hole is the entire 1600's.

    Who knows, back to testing I go!

    Thanks for the info! :)
  5. hehe, No problem. Remember, it uses dividers to calculate the ratios that junk runs at, and sometimes it simply doesnt like one, or they are incompatable for whatever reason.

    Got me, just know it has them, and the strap thingie can help.

  6. I dont know what to think at this point. I have continued to play with the setting and it really just seems like I got a crap chip.

    Turns out, I cant change the FSB voltage. If I try to, no matter what the other settings are the system wont post. Even if I let it post with auto fsb voltage then change the fsb from auto to the exact same voltage that it posted with, it doesnt work. I believe (almost 100% certain) that on my e6600 I had the FSB set at stock (but not auto).

    The chip is also getting really hot at stupid settings. Stock its running at like 55C full load on the same cooler that I was using with the e6600 to get about 45C full load (and it was OC'ed to 3.3ghz)

    I also tried taking out 2 sticks of ram and that didnt help.

    Basically, I just bought a chip that cant even do as much as my older e6600. Its a shame :/

    Guess I am just going to RMA it and see what happens with the next chip unless there are any other suggestions. :(
  7. Do you have the latest Bios version? Sometimes they need a bios update to support a chip.. got me!

  8. Might as well try the RMA, but I doubt that its a "bad" chip, because I havent heard of many! Something else must be wrong...

  9. Well they might not let you RMA it. Its gauranteed to run stock, not 4.0.

    RMA ing it will just cost you shipping for them to test it and send it back to you. You know how many people try that? They will test it.

    Sounds like a heat issue to me. You probably didnt reseat the heatsink right. Or a motherboard issue. 680i isn't known for its OCing capabilitys.

    I'd keep the cpu and get a P35 or x38 mobo.
  10. Well, as I said in my original post I overclocked my E6600. I was able to take it to 3.6Ghz but kept it at 3.3Ghz.

    I am not RMA'ing the chip because it wont overclock, I am RMA'ing it because it is sitting at 60C right now idle at STOCK. The OC'ed e6600 with higher voltage was running at about 50C full load and this is running at stock with lower voltage at idel and getting 60C? Something has to be wrong there.

    I have reset the heatsink about 10 times now, each time cleaning off the old arctic silver paste. I am very very careful while applying the paste in that I try to get as even a sheet as I can using a credit card. When I place the heatsink on the chip I try to make sure it isnt going on at an angle and evenly screw the clamp down so not to have too much pressure on either side at one time.

    Last night I even tried to run Prime95 with stock settings and got the core to 75C in CoreTemp.

    I updated the bios to the latest version months ago so it would be ready for this chip.

    When checking the evga boards, there are tons of people having a lot of success overclocking with this board and as I said I have too ... just not with this particular chip.

    If anything, I will RMA and see what happens. If I get it back and am still having the same problems I will look into a new montherboard.

    Thanks again for the help all! :)

    Edit: Any recommendations on specific motherboards?
  11. ::Chuckles.:: Its pretty easy to tell if the heat sink is on right. You apply the paste to the processor only, set it, run it, remove it and look at the bottom of the heat sink. If the thermal paste is pretty evenly spread on the heat sink area that contacts the chip, there isnt much else to be said, is there?

    I dunno, a mid priced mobo with lots O options, Maximus formula. A cheaper one with decent options. P5k-e wifi. But those are both cross fire.

    The only NVidia chipset I would recommend is the 780i type with the volt mod in place. With a 45 NM chip, you may not even have to worry about that because the voltages are somewhat lower.

    I have to pick one up myself here in a day or two, and do the volt mod. I have a pair of ultras and a pair of 8800 GT 512s and its about time I SLI one of them up.

  12. Yeah, I was checking the paste everytime but I still wanted to make sure. Dont wanna chalk it up to a bad part without trying everything I can think of... :)

    Ya know, I went with this 680i because a lot of friends told me it was great (and it has been). I did moderate research before buying it but now that I am here again possibly looking for a new motherboard I gotta ask ... whats the difference between half of these things???

    I mean, you go to certain online stores and use the compair features from lower priced motherboards to higher and there isnt much difference between the two.

    Shoot, the motherboard I just got for my fiance seems to be running great and I cant ask a lot more outta it.


    What is driving the price on these things? Component quality? Features? Reputation? All of the above?

    The only downside to her motherboard that I see is that it isnt 2.0 x16 and it isnt as overclock friendly as I am used to with my 680i.

    Got any links to good motherboard buying articles?
  13. That is supposedly one of the better cheap boards, for sure!

    But when it comes to over clocking, you are taking it beyond what its supposed to be at, some boards just hold up well. Some don't. Maximus formula has Both VCore power and VTT power for independent regulation of both areas of VCore that suffer from heightened power consumption and usage.

    Its Load Line Calibration is fully functional, and you get exactly .0250 VDrop and Zero VDroop.

    It has native 400 FSB support. so you can OC past that.... its well built, has a poster that does exactly what it is supposed to do. It has the power and reset buttons built onto the board, and a external rear I/O panel clear CMOS button for access without having to even open your case!!!

    Dont you hate when you get a No Post that cant recover, and you have to pull open the case, remove what ever's blocking it, and swap that jumper? Gods, that drives me nuts!!

    You get the idea. Links? Just google search for "Best motherboards for overclocking" or something!

  14. Funny, I am trying to reinstall Vista and it is running through the install and telling me my computer cant handle it ... when its already running it.

    Yeah, something is really off with this chip.

    As for the motherboard, I dont even know if I want to bother with overclocking anymore. I just want something that is going to load and go with good stability.
  15. Here is a little secret! Out of all the boards I had, the 680i chipset one was the worse for over clocking, lol!

    All the non sli boards, as in, intel boards, overclock MUCH better. That appears to be just how it goes. I dunno why. They even leave out basic OC functions like some way to defeat their huge VDrop/droop!

    I had nothing but trouble with that board, and the 3 intel based asus ones all do great for what they are! And remain stable pretty high up there.

    Don't give up now!

  16. Well, I am going to try and RMA first. If the chip I get back is still causing problems then I will go for a new motherboard.

    If I go for a new motherboard I am going to HAVE TO go cheap after just building my fiance her rig. So either way, overclocking may not be in my immediate future. Really, I just need to take the time waiting for the new CPU and figure out the best cheap solution for myself (mobo).
  17. p5k e wifi. OCs like a champ for 150ish. Thats not to bad. Only cross fire graphics.

  18. Suck part is I just bought that 8800gt :(
  19. 1 card will work fine, its when you wanna add the second video card that has problems! I just use an Ultra in mine, hehe!

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